Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy Friday!

Woohoo it’s (almost) Halloween! We are going over to my parents house tomorrow evening for a little get-together! Every year my mom makes a big pot of her delicious chili and we set up a fire pit in their driveway while we pass out candy to all of the adorable children in their neighborhood. The kids are always so cute and we love seeing what they’re dressed up as!

Today I wanted to give you all some quick and easy last minute Halloween costume ideas. I know every year I’m always scrambling to find something to wear and pull together. Below I have listed a few different ideas of items you may already have at home and if you don’t, I made sure to link them to places you could run by and pick up on your own! I hope these ideas are helpful if you are in need of a cute costume!

Morton Salt Girl

1.) Yellow Dress

2.) Mary Janes

3.) Umbrella

4.) Salt!



1.) Plaid Shirt (Men’s shirt for an oversized feel)

2.) Overalls

3.) Straw Hat

4.) Mac Lips in “Morange”

Scarecrow makeup tutorial found HERE (scroll down to #7)


Siracha Bottle

1.) Siracha T-shirt (Men’s shirt and size up for a “dress”)

2.) Red Leggings

3.) Green Beanie


Rosie The Riveter

1.) Flared Denim

2.) Chambray Shirt

3.) Red Bandana Headband

4.) Mac Lips in “Ruby Woo”


Sugar Skull

(For those who are amazing at makeup and want a dramatic look for your costume!)

1.) Body Con Dress

2.) Flower Crown

3.) I found a bunch of tutorials on Pinterest and I really love the ones that add rhinestones around the eyes!

hot dog-1

And if all of those ideas are just too much to find and put together last minute, you could always just pull out the good ole hotdog suit!

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Halloween weekend!



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