Time to Celebrate 2015!!

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Since this whole week so far has been New Year’s inspired, I thought I would keep the trend going and give you all 6 ways to amp up any NYE outfit tonight! If you are currently staring at your closet and thinking you have nothing to wear, find anything black or grey or solid (really anything), try these tips and you’re guaranteed to look fabulous!


#1. It’s New Year’s Eve! Amp up your makeup a little darker than you normally do! Go for that black/ grey smokey eye look and rock it! I’ve linked below the products I used to create this look! THIS Too Faced palette is one of my favorites for when I’m going out! Also, THIS foundation is hands down the best foundation I’ve ever used. It feels light for a liquid foundation, yet stays on alllll day and all night!

Foundation | Bronzer | Blush | Eyeshadow | Liner | Mascara | Lips

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NYE Outfit #2-10

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Kate Spade Champagne clutch | Kate Spade Champagne coin holder

#2. This tip right here is key for NYE! Take anything you have (jeans and a tee, a simple shift dress, lace romper, etc…) if you pair it with anything sequin or sparkly/ shimmery – your outfit will immediately transform into something worthy of NYE!

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#3. Statement jewelry is also something that can amp up an outfit! I love a good statement piece- whether it’s a good pair of earrings like THESE or a really pretty necklace that would go with anything like THIS one!


Rock at the Top | Ladylike 

#4. You can’t forget your nails! Give yourself an at home manicure while you’re relaxing before a big night out tonight! These two Essie polishes are perfect for tonight’s festivities! I love Ladylike as a basecoat- the widget color looks really pink, but it’s actually a really pretty nude/taupe color. Next, add a little Rock at the Top to the tips of your nails- the awesome thing about this manicure is it doesn’t have to look perfect because the glitter fades into the nail to create an ombre effect. (This is my kind of manicure because I am AWFUL at doing my own nails… like really bad.)

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#5. Next is the hair, if you’re like me and alway tend to wear your hair down when you go to a special event or just a night out, try something new and opt for a bouncy, curly pony! When I do this look, I curl my hair first with THIS curling iron then pull it up into a side swept low pony after I teased it underneath. I then secure it tight, and start pulling pieces of hair up and away from the crown of my head to create a bit more volume!


And last but not least #6. If you are staying in and just hanging out all night in your PJs HERE is a fun DIY tutorial to make yourself a glittered champagne bottle. (I highly suggest drinking the champagne bottle as well- either after you’ve made it pretty or before you attempt to craft………your choice.)

Hope everyone has a WONDERFULLY FUN & SAFE New Year’s Eve tonight! See ya in 2016!

XOXO | Aubrey 

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