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Good Morning lovelies!

Today I thought I would share my favorite smoothie recipe and what I typically eat in a day! I’ve had some people ask me here and there what my routine is, so I thought I would share! First of all, disregard the mess that is my outfit, I realize that I don’t exactly match and my hair looks kind of cray, but I’m keeping it real with you all today! Justin and I had literally just come from the gym and were about to make our smoothie and I wanted to capture how we did it!


2 cups of ice | 1 cup of water | 1 cup of yogurt (any kind- I like Light & Fit Greek Yogurt) | 1 cup of strawberries | 1 cup of blueberries | 1 cup of pineapple ( if you don’t like pineapple, try a banana!) |1-2 cups of spinach | Turn your blender on high so you don’t get the leafy taste of the spinach! (We have the NINJA and it is amaaaazing!)

As for what I typically eat in a day– it honestly always varies. I tend to eat more in the morning so my body has the chance to burn it off. I love bread and pasta, like LOVE it-so a new years resolution of mine was to limit my bread/processed carb intake. I am a firm believer in not completely cutting something out, just eating in moderation! If you want that bite (bowl, lets be real) of Mac n Cheese girl, you go on and enjoy it. Like I said in THIS post, If you know you’re going out for a big dinner that night, try and eat lighter throughout the day. If it’s a holiday weekend and you know you’re going to be eating heavily for a few days- try and eat as clean as possible the week before and then get back on track Monday! You can’t lose weight with just one good day of eating,  and you’re not going to gain from one bad day of eating either.

Morning: 2 pieces of Ezekial toast with 1.5 tablespoons of PB2 or I have a Light & Fit greek yogurt; 20 oz. of water

Mid Morning: I like to munch on Almonds or some carrots and this is when I usually have peppermint tea or coffee (black 😉 ) ; 20 oz. of water

Lunch: Either turkey in a small whole grain wrap, 2 cups of broccoli, or a spinach salad ( I like to mix it up) strawberries, blueberries; 20 oz. of water

Afternoon: Clementine, sometimes a Lara Bar (LOVE these) ; 20 oz. of water

Dinner: Always varies and depends what we have going on that night, but we like Fish, Chicken, whole grain pasta, brown rice, black beans, zucchini, broccoli, ground turkey (tacos) homemade pizzas on whole grain tortillas, it truly is always something different, but we do like to enjoy ourselves on the weekend and if we eat clean 80% of the time, the 20% won’t really hurt us. And of course, 20 oz. of water to top off my 100 oz. a day!

Hope you all enjoyed this! Please do not take away from this that we are perfect and eat this way 100% of the time, we are human and hungry humans at that- so if you see me at Yobe stackin up my froyo cup to the top- don’t judge, I need my fix too! Thank you to all who suggested I do this post! I had fun putting it together!

XOXO | Aubrey

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