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So I am known for carrying a “suitcase” not a purse with a few items I may need throughout the day, but a literal Barney bag. My family and friends always give me a hard time about it, but you know what? When they spill salsa on their shirt when out to dinner, who do you think has the Tide-to-Go stick? Friend left her lipstick and needs a touch up, I got you girl..oh wait you can’t see to put it on? Got you covered *pulls out full mirror* Listen, I know I can be a little excessive at times when it comes to my purse, I am not in denial about that, but you never know where your day may take you so it’s always great to be prepared! I wanted to share a few items that I keep in my PURSE throughout the day. I always, always have my planner with me. I used to use THESE planners and they are so stinkin cute, but this year I decided to go with something different! The way THIS planner is broken up inside is great to keep you organized. It gives you a month page, a to-do page with each day and another page that breaks each day into morning, day, night which is so awesome. I’ve also been keeping THIS in my purse lately, my face tends to dry up during the day while sitting at my desk so a few spritzes of this and my face face is refreshed! I obviously always have my SUNGLASSES with me and I’ve been loving THIS gloss. Unfortunately, I picked up these cute cosmetic bags/ sunglass case at my Nordstrom Rack and can’t find them anywhere online! However, below I’ve linked a few of my favorite cosmetic cases for keeping your chapstick, lipsticks, bobby pins, hair ties, gum, etc…


A few keychains I’ve been loving + the one pictured above is HERE

Can’t forget to keep a good notepad in your bag either!


Thanks for stopping by today! See below for all the little nick- knacks I may have left out above!

XOXO | Aubrey

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