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Good Morning everyone! It was so nice to sleep in and have the day off today! Although we do have to stop and remember why we celebrate Good Friday. What greater love is there then our own Savior’s love who paid the ultimate price so that we could be forgiven and spend eternity with him? Our God is so good and we all need to take a moment out of life and reflect on him and what this Easter weekend truly means!

Anyway, how pretty is THIS brush and BLOWDRYER!? Thank you to Fromm Beauty for sending these goodies my way to tryout! Let me just tell you all, this blowdryer IS.SO.GOOD. For years I have been looking for a decent blowdryer (I’m also really picky when it comes to them) but this one has surpassed all I have tried or owned! First of all it is the quietest blowdryer ever, I thought it wasn’t all the way up to the highest setting, but in fact, it was! Speaking of that, the low setting was also extremely powerful and the warm setting was surprisingly hot! This dryer dried my hair in no time and left it with a nice sleek shine! (and came with an adorable travel pouch too!) I love round brushes, once you practice enough and figure out how to round brush your hair, you will never go back! THIS brush was amazing and gave my hair a smooth finish! If you’ve been looking for a quality hair dryer, I highly recommend this one! I also wanted to mention that Fromm Beauty is the official brush sponsor of TLC’s show, “Global Beauty Masters”! How cool is that?!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! Like I said at the bottom of THIS post, something fun is coming next week so keep your eyes out!

XOXO | Aubrey 

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