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Happy Friday Eve! As Easter is this weekend (where on earth has the time gone!?) It’s time to start thinking about the perfect Easter outfit if you haven’t already! Growing up, my mom always without a doubt had my brother and I dressed to the nines for Easter- I mean she had a matching bow for every outfit I owned,  but on Easter she pulled out the big ones or even the hat and gloves. I have always been a girly girl and loved getting dressed up in big dresses so I would never fight her about it (occasionally on the bow, but you know….I was still a kid)  but to this day I still get so excited to pick out an Easter Dress! I am wearing a different dress this Easter, but I wanted to share with you all a dress I have worn in the past! THIS dress I’m wearing is from a couple seasons ago, but I will link a bunch of similar ones for you! A classy gal can never go wrong with a white dress, it is so “springish” but pairing it with some fun colorful earrings gives this ensemble a bit more of a fun side! HERE and HERE are two hats I am loving right now and if you’re ever going to wear a big sun hat into church- this Sunday is the day!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Both of our families are going out of town this weekend so it is just me and the hubs this Easter………who’s having us over for dinner on Sunday?! haha joking I am going to attempt to make us a nice traditional Easter dinner! I really hope all the rain holds off because I would love to put my chair on the beach and stay out there allll weekend long! Thanks for stopping by today! I have something really exciting planned for next week- you can stay updated by following along via IG (@aubrey.asplen.alley) or snapchat (aubreyasplen24)

XOXO | Aubrey

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