Bar Cart Styling + My Favorite Summer Cocktail (Under 100 cals!)

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Good Morning, friends! I wanted to do something a little different today and share my latest decorating (attempt) for my bar cart! I tend to change it up with the seasons (Christmas is my favorite!) but I noticed it was looking a little “blah” for summer so I decided to add some color! I will share some tips and tricks I tend to follow as well as one of my favorite lite and easy cocktails at the bottom of this post  🙂

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Alright, so first things first, if I could have an all white, gold, acrylic or even glittered bar cart I absolutely would haha! However, I do have a husband and he lives here too and I’m not going to force him to make a drink or crack open a beer on a girly as heck bar cart- that being said, we have learned to compromise. He gets the industrial furniture, I get to decorate it how I please… I think that’s pretty fair! (and I do like the industrial look mixed with the one part girly as well, not going to lie)

Before you even start decorating, you need to pick out the perfect bar cart! I personally think ours is a little narrow- I would opt for something that has a bit wider table top like THIS one, but you can make anything work! When we were looking for wine racks, I wanted something that had a flat top to give me more room to decorate and store glasses, decanters, etc… see below for some bar carts I think would look great in a home or apartment:

Bar Cart 1


Ahh decor…. I believe that one of the most important aspects to decorating a bar cart is levels! You want to give your bar a little dimension and not have everything sitting at the same height. While I still want a book or two for my cart, I had to make due with what I have. I found that THIS drink dispenser holder I had hiding in one of my cabinets was the perfect size! I linked a bunch of adorable decor pieces that would bring some different levels to your bar cart in the widgets below: (ps how cute are some of these cocktail recipe books! They would add height and color!)

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A good tray on your bar cart is a must- have. It keeps everything organized but also gives certain items a “place” I picked mine up at Target for like $15, but I did find a bunch of cute colored trays and some patterned dishes for limes!

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We received soo many wine glasses, champagne glasses, highball glasses from our wedding- you name it we got it and I love displaying it on our bar! It’s easy access rather than searching a cabinet, but it’s also welcoming to guests and makes it easy to entertain! Funny story….. Justin and I had some of our best friends over a couple weeks ago and it was just a very chill game night. We were all lounging on the couch and it was getting pretty late, well Justin was playing fetch with the dog and decided to throw his rope full force into the air and hit the hanging wine rack and literally 3 or 4 of our champagne flutes and martini glasses fell crashing to the floor- we all saw it happening and just kind of stared, waiting for the crash. Apparently I gave Justin a look of death because our two friends were like okay guess it’s time to leave now….. it ended up being really funny and they stayed to help clean up, but we all looked at Justin and were like… how did you see that ending well….

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Little trinkets displayed on your bar is where you can incorporate some color as well as some useful items (coasters, napkins, straws etc..) they also don’t really take up that much room and you can use them as a bit of decoration! I love incorporating flowers into my bar- especially during the spring and summertime.

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Last, but not least- wall art plays a huge role! You can probably see that little empty spot directly over the bar, I still haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for because it is such a small area… I really want a mirror… we’ll see. I just need to keep looking!

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Cocktail Recipe!

This often sounds very strange to others, but when I decide to have a drink, I loveee vodka water! I think some fruity drinks are yummy, but my stomach gets pretty sensitive to all the sugar and ends up hurting the whole night- vodka water with a few limes is very lightweight and refreshing to me so that’s always my go to 🙂 However, sometimes you do need a little splash of something and raspberry lemonade has been soo delicious  in these hot “spring” days! So, here’s what I had last Saturday night:

1 shot of vodka | half a bottle of water (fill your glass a little more than halfway) | 2 shots of raspberry lemonade (or whatever is to your liking- a little more for sweetness) | 2 lime slices | ice and a cute straw!

Hope you all enjoyed this (long) post! I like doing different kinds of lifestyle posts every so often- if you all have any posts you would like to see, leave it in the comments below or on Instagram!

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