Pink Swimsuit at Parrot Key + My 3 Fave Places to Shop for Swimwear

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PINK SWIMSUIT: Victoria’s Secret (*semi annual sale happening now!) | KIMONO: The Lookbook Store c/o | WEDGES: Target | SUNGLASSES (Black Pair): H and M | SUNGLASSES (Second Pair): BP | TASSEL EARRINGS: Francesca’s- Similar HERE

Good Morning! Sharing this little pink bikini today! If you remember, we were down in Key West on vacation a couple of weeks ago and the resort we stayed at was soo gorgeous! The room my family stayed in was a 3 story villa that backed up to the waterway and opened up to this pool! I was so excited to shoot some things here because the entire resort was SO colorful! Unfortunately, that tropical storm went right over us so we were dodging storms left and right. One day we were on our scooters and the sky literally opened up and we had nowhere to go! Thank goodness we were wearing our swimsuits!

I am obsessed with this pink swimsuit! It’s selling out super quickly, so THIS one, THIS one and THIS one are very much the same (bottoms are HERE)-  I think the color is neon lotus. I love the vibrant magenta color and the fit of the material is so soft and comfortable. (I am extremely picky when it comes to my bathing suits!) I was also so excited when I received THIS kimono in the mail right before we left for our trip! It matched my swimsuit so perfectly, but also paired really well with a little white tank and denim shorts when we were walking around town! Definitely a must- have for the summer!

Onto my fave places to shop for swimwear!

Victoria’s Secret: I am not ashamed to admit I have a huge butt and nothing up top (if ya catch my drift) that being said I always have THE hardest time finding a swimsuit that fits, is comfortable and I actually like. VS suits are always so cute every year and the sizes fit to my body perfectly.

Nordstrom:  Nordstrom carries almost every brand you can think of and their swimwear stock is amazing! They carry everything from luxury designer brands, surf company brands and really affordable brands as well! Nords has got your back, girl! PS The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up in July so keep your eyes open! I will be keeping you all up to date on that in the next few weeks!

ASOS:  If you’ve never been to– head there now! Their clothes are so so cute and incredibly affordable, yet the quality is great. The swimwear selection at Asos is super trendy and won’t break the bank! Another little option I thought I would throw out because I just picked up a suit from here is Aerie! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of looking for swimwear there, but the one I picked up is so cute and fits SO WELL! I can’t wait to wear it to the beach!

Well, thanks for taking time out of your day to pop by!

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