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Friday Favorites 8-19-16-24

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is having a good one so far. I haven’t done a Friday Favorites in quite some time and I have a lot of fun things I want to share with yall! So, without further ado… Let’s get started!! (It’s a long one, but super fun!)

Friday Favorites 8-19-16-23

1. Makeup

I received a little package in the mail the other day and when I opened it, two lipsticks a mascara and eyeliner were inside. Let me tell you, ALL 4 of those Items I have been using non stop in my daily routine. I am always a little skeptical to try something new when it comes to mascara and eyeliner because I have found the ones I love and use them daily, but lo and behold…..I think I found my new favorites! The mascara is so lengthening and this eyeliner makes it soo easy to create a perfect cat eye! The two lipsticks are the perfect nude/pink shades and they glide on so smoothly! I believe you can find this Max Factor brand at Target, Walgreens or!

Friday Favorites 8-19-16-9

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Friday Favorites 8-19-16-7

Friday Favorites 8-19-16-22

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{Thank you to Max Factor Makeup for Sponsoring this Post, all opinions are my own}

2.Favorite Youtube Channels at the Moment

I have recently  come across a few youtubers I have been loving…ok I say recently, but I’ve been following all of them for at the very least a year or so….I did want to share their channels with you all because they are SO good. I feel like I know them just by watching them here and there. Keep on reading to see who’s caught my attention and why!

 alex garza

Alex Garza: I love this girls channel, she always has the best makeup tutorials that I feel are unique, but still attainable- some youtubers I cannot even begin to understand what they’re doing, but Alex is so relatable and really show’s you how to master a certain look. She also has a great sense of style and will often do hauls about what she’s buying and what to keep your eye out for and she’s obsessed with skincare which is my type of girl 🙂 Side Note: her and her husband have a daily vlog channel and it’s awesome. They literally give their viewers a glimpse into their everyday life and show that they’re just like every normal couple. Her husband is hilarious, definitely check them out HERE and Alex’s channel is HERE. 


mallory Ervin

Mallory Ervin: Ironically, Mallory and Alex are really really good friends, but I didn’t find this out until I put two and two together and they were showing up in each other’s vlogs! I want to say Mallory started her channel not too long ago, but I had followed her on IG through a few mutual friends….(ok maybe that’s called stalking, but I accidentally came across her IG a few years ago and she was gorgeous, and had great style and is FREAKING HILARIOUS so of course I followed and when she finally started a Youtube channel I was so excited. Y’all you want this girl to be your bestie she is awesome…. so if I ever met her or Alex, I think I would die of pure happiness #Fangirling so hard right now. Channel is HERE 


cupcake jemma

Cupcake Jemma: I don’t know about you, but I LOVE cooking and baking videos they are like therapeutic for me to watch haha! I always see those Tasty videos on Facebook, but I randomly came across this account one day and it’s awesome! The cakes Jemma makes are insane!!! Definitely check out this baker’s channel if you are into watching cookie dough in the making and cakes being frosted hehe! Channel is HERE 


Sazan Hendrix

Sazan Hendrix: Alright, if you wanna know my girl crush….Saz is IT! If I could aspire to be anyone, this girl has got it going on. She is such a successful business woman through her blog and youtube channel, always stays true to who she is as a person when offered campaigns etc… she is a super strong Believer and has an amazing story about her faith, she knows how to wear makeup, put the right outfit together, her personality is crazy…literally and her and her husband Stevie are #MARRIAGEGOALS. Let’s just say Justin followers her and her husband on snapchat and we sit there and watch them together and die laughing….sorry, babe haha he’s gonna kill me! As Sazan would put it, I am obsazzzed with her. Her channel is HERE

3. Watch Obsession

Friday Favorites 8-19-16-15

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Christian Paul Watch | Nixon Watch

I’ve always been a watch girl and when Christian Paul reached out wanting to collaborate with me I immediately responded YES! The line of watches they have are GORGEOUS! As you probably already know, I love rose gold and THIS watch was the perfect shade! CP watches have five different collections- I love the Marble, Luxe and Raw! So so pretty and classic!

I decided to include THIS Nixon watch Justin bought me for our anniversary because, like the CP rose gold watch I’ve been wearing this one non stop as well! Again, another classic style that goes with everything you could possibly wear!

{Thank you to Christian Paul Watches for Sponsoring this Post, All opinions are my own}

4.Current Devotional 


I will be the first to admit that my busy life gets in the way with my quiet time with God- which is no excuse and not a good thing at all. I came across this app: She Reads Truth a couple months ago and I LOVE it! It’s geared towards women first of all and it’s an app! In today’s generation I hate to say it, but it works. I hated the idea at first of turning my quiet time devotional from a book and a notebook to an app on my phone, but I realized that with my lifestyle these days, that was probably going to be the best option. The app itself is free and there are a lot of devotional plans that are free as well, but you can also purchase quite a few if you choose to do so! I just bought one last week and have been going through it. I really am so happy I came across this unique way of doing your devotional so I wanted to share this little find with y’all! You can find it HERE  and the website is HERE 

5.Neutral Neutral Neutral


WHITE TOP: Top Shop (Sold out- similar HERE and HERE) | PANTS: Nordstrom | NECKLACE: Kendra Scott | SANDALS: Steve Madden | BAG: Louis Vuitton

I go through phases of what I like to wear in terms of style and/or colors- I always tend to stick with classic “girly” pieces and add a “trendy or tomboyish” I like mixing the two. However, I have been consistently sticking with the neutrals lately. Yes, black, whites and tans are included but I’ve been gravitating towards olives, navy, blush pink and maroon so maybe not 100% neutral, but definitely more muted colors! If you missed it, make sure to check out my POST from yesterday. Lots of great transitional pieces for the Fall!

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Whew! That was a long one, but it is much needed as I haven’t been the most consistent lately! Just want y’all to know- it’s not that I am getting burned out of blogging, if I could do it all day and night I totally would, but blogging (even though some people may beg to differ) is literally a 24/7 full time job so on top of already having a 40+ hour work week and coaching a team and just trying to maintain somewhat of a social life it gets hard to brainstorm/create/ produce  content 5 days a week. I aspire to get there one day and I know I will because like I said if this was my full time job, it would be a dream with everything I could produce for you all. OK sorry for going so deep and getting personal but it was laying heavy on me and I wanted to be honest with you all! I appreciate every single one of you that pops by Hello Alley each day to see what’s going on in my life or what outfit I’m sharing!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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