How To Wear White Leading into The Fall

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WHITE TANK | DISTRESSED DENIM | BOOTIES (old, very similar HERE and HERE) | FLOPPY HAT | Similar Vintage LV HERE, also love THIS one | LONG “Y” NECKLACE

Hello Friends!

Sorry I’ve seemed a tad bit MIA lately! For one, I completely forgot to renew my blog domain and well, it was GONE. It was on my Justin’s to-do list and we just completely forgot! So, apologies if you may have tried to pop by yesterday or over the weekend and it said “NOT FOUND” #rookiemistake #ineedanassistant… but really. I was also a little inactive over social media this weekend, we were doing lots of cleaning and organizing around the house and I had some coaching things Friday and Saturday and you know what, sometimes you just have to take a little weekend break for yourself so you don’t burn out! But I am back!!

If you haven’t noticed already, I LOVE white- I think it might be my favorite color. I feel like it’s classic, pretty, feminine and soo easy to pair with anything to completely change your “look”. As the Fall months are drawing near, I really wanted to find a way to extend my days wearing white. I decided to pair THIS white tank and distressed denim with booties and a floppy hat. I feel even though I’m wearing majority white, the boots and hat turn it into a seasonal outfit! I picked THIS hat up during the Nordstrom Sale- the price is still not terribly expensive and I love the color. I know it’s going to go with soo much! My booties I’m wearing I have had for.ev.err- they are clearly a staple and a pair I wear all fall/winter long. I did find THIS pair and THIS pair that look almost identical and are pretty affordable for booties, however, I’m literally obsessed with THIS pair….look at the small detailing around the toe and heel!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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