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Good Morning! I cannot believe it has already been an entire year since I wrote my first blog post on Hello Alley! I remember all of the excitement and nervous jitters I had as I clicked “publish” on that first post! This blogging adventure I have been on the last 12 months I can tell you is one I will NEVER regret. Yes, it can be hard, yes, it takes a lot of my free time, I have stressed myself sick over a post idea that I wanted to capture perfectly, but I cannot even begin to tell you all of the things I have learned about myself as an individual, all of the ins and outs of the blogging world in general, every fabulous reader, fellow blogger and companies I have met and worked with- either in person or online and how supportive every blogger is of each other. I have realized my fashion taste has evolved a little bit as I have become more in tune with who I am and what I really like and finding that creative side everyday honestly works wonders on your brain!

I remember a year ago, the smallest things would make me stressed out and now looking back, they are actually laughable! I know that the things I’m giving myself a hard time about today, will be laughable a year from now! Life keeps moving on and that is something so important to always remember. I have so many huge plans for my blogging adventures and where I want to see it go and as much as I get frustrated with it not moving at the quick pace I want, I am constantly reminding myself to look at how far I have come. Whew, that was a lot!! I just want to be so honest with you all and thank everyone who has been SO incredibly supportive of Hello Alley. I love interacting with others and I want to make your life easier with some outfit inspiration everyday and some occasional life updates 🙂

Speaking of life updates… after much thought and quite a few requests later… I am launching my personal styling/ closet consultation services! If you have an event coming up, going on a vacation, need a new work wardrobe or need some new closet staples in general, I will be happy to sit down with you and figure out your best, unique style and we’ll go shopping! If you need me to overhaul your closet and pull out the basic classics you didn’t realize you already had, that’s what I’m here for! Check out my new page HERE for more info or you are welcome to email me at helloalleyblog@gmail.com for pricing and more information!

Again, thank you all so much for the love and support I receive everyday. I love creating content, sharing my life and connecting with you throughout the week.  I know this post was a little wordy today, but to me, today is a milestone. I put in almost a years worth of thought before building this blog and have been writing on it almost everyday since. It is honestly crazy what you can do if you just put your mind to it, follow your heart and stay true to yourself everyday. Love you all so much and cheers to the start of year number TWO!! Woohoo!!

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