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Happy Wednesday! As wedding season is rolling around- I feel like October is the new big “it” month for weddings, I thought I would share some ideas if you are unsure what to wear to a wedding and what each attire suggestion might mean! To me, I always say it is much better to be overdressed than under dressed in any situation, but especially a wedding. I feel it even makes the Bride and Groom feel a little better too, the fancier you are- it shows that you are excited for them and ready to celebrate the night away!

Morning/ Casual 

For a mid- morning or casual wedding, a maxi dress, sun dress, a casual jumpsuit or a sweater dress for the colder months would be perfect for this type of setting. If you still feel a little under- dressed, just add some fun earrings, statement necklace, an interesting pair of shoes or a cute clutch to add that last “umph” you think you may be missing in your outfit! Below I have linked some casual dresses that would go over well for a mid day/ morning wedding.

Evening/ Cocktail 

Cocktail attire is probably the most common for a wedding, hence you probably have the most options to choose from at any store. I would say if you are going with a tighter dress, keep the length right at or under the knee- you don’t want to go too short or tight at a classy event (midi dresses hitting right at the calves are SO in right now and always look so chic.) If you are going for more of an A-line fit and flare, it’s okay to go a little shorter- I LOVE this dress HERE and am also obsessing over this lace dress… I need somewhere to wear it STAT! I’m thinking that emerald color could be beautiful around Christmas time… linking lots of cocktail options below!!

Formal/ Black Tie 

Last, but not least (my personal fave) Black Tie! I love love getting all dressed up and a black tie wedding is the perfect place to do so! When shopping for a black tie affair I would be mindful about how you wear sparkles and sequins. Anyone that knows me knows I love my sparkles, however, you don’t want your dress to come across as too “prom-ish”. There is a way to do it- THIS dress  I believe is 100% fine because it’s not too flashy and the sparkles and sequins are within the same tone as the dress. THIS dress, while I think it is absolutely gorgeous and I would kill to wear it somewhere, I just don’t think it would be appropriate for a wedding. A pageant, prom or a very fancy party, absolutely yes, but for a wedding- stick to the classics and you will never go wrong, I promise! Linking tons more options below!

Thanks so much for popping on by today! I just want to add that everything written above is purely just my opinion. I’ve been in pageants and been to plenty of weddings and formal events as well as casual and this is just my take on things over the years. I LOVE getting all dolled up and putting together formal outfits for events and I just wanted to share that with you all today, because I know sometimes it can be sort of confusing as to “what do I really wear to this wedding!!?” I hope this post was of some help to you today! Do you have any formal events coming up in the near future? Are YOU getting married soon? I would love to know in the comments below! Love y’all!

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