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Wow! So Sorry for the late post, I feel like I have a million and one things going on, but I’m making due- that’s basically what a women’s life is right? Multitasking until everything is organized and in order…I have a love/hate relationship with days like that… On another note, I wanted to share my Drybar experience with you all today! Shelby and I went on Sunday as part of the grand opening of the Riverside location!


We had so much fun! We both did the “Mai Tai” with a braid- better known as beachy waves/curls with a braid. Shelby had a waterfall braid and I did a big dutch braid! We booked our appointment via the app a few days before- which was SO easy and SO quick. As soon as we arrived, the stylists were waiting on us and already knew us by name. The front desk girl offered us water, coffee, wine, champs, a mimosa… it was only 10:30 but we still opted for a mimosa 🙂 it was a girls day so…treat yo self. As soon as we sat down at the “bar” we talked with our stylist about what look we wanted and then they took us back to the washing station to start on our tresses. The stylists used the Blonde Ale shampoo on both Shelby and myself and our hair immediately looked so much blonder (mine is blonde on the bottom from my bayalage I got a couple months ago) it was a purple shampoo, but definitely worked better than anything I’ve used! After our hair was washed we sat back down in the chair and sipped on mimosas as they blew out our hair! Shelby has short hair so she was blow-dried, curled, styled and braided in no time at all. Me on the other hand…my stylist called me the little mermaid the whole time because I have so much hair! Mine total probably took almost about an hour to dry, style, curl, braid, etc…If I was going somewhere before an event and was kind of on a time crunch, I would probably say something to my stylist before hand so she doesn’t take as long to blow dry. Let her know you are coming in for more of the “service” not the experience if that makes sense. (we had no agenda besides brunch after, so we really wanted to “experience” our time at Drybar) After we were done we took some cute pics by the front- they have a white quilted wall and some cute chairs, paid, and we were on our way!


It is located on Riverside Ave right in between the Hyppo and Burrito Gallery! The area is super new- they just built a ton of really cool apartments and there’s a few new restaurants in the area too. They’ve totally changed the look of this specific area in Riverside- it’s very hip and urban. A lot of people get married downtown Jacksonville or Riverside (I got married in Riverside on the water side!) and I was thinking, how cool would it have been to have my bridesmaids come and get our hair done at a Drybar! If only it was open two years ago…


The ladies that worked there were all super friendly and the front desk girl- I would consider her the “bartender” she was always checking to see if you needed anything else to drink, if our stylist needed any other tools, products, bobby pins, etc…

Products used/ I own

The  Drybar dry shampoo is THE best dry shampoo, handsdown. For one, it smells excellent, and two, it texturizes, volumizes and cleans up your hair all in one. I’ve heard that THIS product does the same thing, but better… I’ve never tried it, but I might have to! The Prep Rally detangler/primer is by far one of my new favorite products. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and can’t go without it. It detangles your hair so effortlessly (I always think of that L’Oreal kids detangler I used to use excessivley as a child, but this is obvi better) and it also primes your hair before you blowdry- leaving your hair super soft and shiny! The Blonde Ale is the purple shampoo I was talking about earlier and The Money Maker is the hairspray she finished off with I’m pretty sure!

Thank you all so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t tried Drybar yet, I highly recommend it! My mom always goes to blow out bars when she’s traveling or on vacation, so I can’t wait to bring her to Drybar and let her experience the blow out bar here! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday…we’re halfway through the week! Whoop Whoop! Justin and I are going on a little weekend trip some where fun with cool weather! PS  you can shop some Drybar products in the widgets below!

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