Friday Favorites

Well Good Morning and Happy Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve created a Friday Favorites post! So many fun things happening lately…

Can you believe we’re already nearing the end of January!? I love this time of year, I feel like we’re past the initial “newness” of the new year (which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming ) and beginning to finally get our ducks in a row while it’s still only January. Sometimes I feel as though we have so many goals and  resolutions for the new year that our heads start spinning and we end up going crazy and getting none of it done and end up back in the same place we started. I know not everyone is like this, so speaking for myself, I do end up just getting stressed because I’m striving to do so many different things! The past week or so, I sort of had a come to Jesus moment if you will and really started being responsible with my editorial calendar. I have a lot of content in the works whether it’s partnerships with other brands or just wild ideas that pop into my mind at 2 am while I’m trying to sleep so I finally said that’s it! I’ve got to actually sit down and dive into my calendar and get organized and you know what, I’ve posted a blog at 6am every single day this week and I’m frickin’ proud of myself! I don’t even know why I’m going into all of this with you guys right now because it honestly has nothing to do with my Friday Favorites below, but sometimes I just like having a little heart to heart with y’all 🙂 Without further ado’…..

 | New Bedroom Pillows- I’ve been gradually adding in pops of light purple..I’m obsessed 🙂 |

| I’ve been incorporating this product  and this product into my skin care…current skincare routine coming soon! |

| My new watch  and bracelet set from Christian Paul |

| Visiting the new andThat! store in Jacksonville…more to come next week! |

 | Making new (awesome) friends! |

| the fact that this jacket went from $100 to under $60 and is STILL in stock! I found it in blush pink too so there’s that! |

So just touching base on all of my favorites:

1. Pillows I found at Homegoods, they’ve been at a lot of Homegoods I’ve stopped in so you should be able to find them 🙂

2. I’m definitely doing a current skin care routine blog post in the upcoming weeks. I’ve been sticking to certain products for quite sometime now and have noticed a huge difference so I’m super excited to share!

3. My watch, as mentioned above is from Christian  Paul, full blog post coming soon as well. I’ve been wearing CP watches for a while now and the quality is amazing

4. I had to opportunity to partner with and visit the new andThat! store here in Jacksonville. You guys…… that store is the Think Homegoods, Ross, Hobby Lobby a little hint of Trader Joes (aka cool food and treats) and Wayfair furniture all in one store. at amazing prices. Yeah, definitely on the top of my list of places to shop now. If you’re in the area, the managers told me they’re having a grand opening party with food trucks and shopping this Saturday! They are located right next to Bed Bath & Beyond off of Southside right across from the Avenues (if you’re from the area you know where I’m talkin about 🙂 ) #ad

5.  We met Bethany and Ethan from Two Lee Photography last weekend and let me tell you, they are just the sweetest couple! They recently moved from LA and are living the beach life right down the road! If you’re looking for any engagement/wedding photography I highly recommend!

6. Last, but not least, I picked up  THIS leather jacket at Nordstrom a month or so ago, but I recently went online and it’s still in stock and under $60!! It comes in a few different colors too (the blush pink is my FAVE)

Alright friends, have a wonderful wonderful weekend!


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