What I’m Currently Using in My Daily Skin Care Routine

Good Morning!

I’m talking one of my favorite things today…. skin care!! I’ve always been really

good about taking off my makeup at night and cleansing every morning and night- I kind of had to because I’ve struggled with acne ever since high school, it was never awful , but I’ve always been athletic and played a sport so I had to be very conscious about keeping  my face clean. I have friends who literally sleep in their makeup, touch it up the next day and they’re ready to go #blessyou because that is NOT my situation. If I don’t do all 8 million steps in my skin care I wake up broken out, it stinks, but I’ve also noticed a significant difference in just the texture and look of my skin since concentrating on my skin routine. So today, I wanted to explain  which steps I take every morning and night and share which products I’ve been using daily over the last few years. *Please keep in  mind, I’m not an esthetician or dermatologist, but I  have a very  good practice I go to and consult my doctors about what they recommend and that is what I have been sticking with. My beloved products may not work for your skin type, however, I’ve learned to try a product and if I notice it does not react well- I do not continue to  use.  I think it is so important to pay attention to your skin every day  and see what is working and what areas you  may need to focus on – it’s never too early to start being proactive!

Step 1: I’ve been using Micellular water thanks to my mom- she told me to try it one night and holy cow I am impressed. It takes off ALLLL of your makeup and doesn’t leave a stinging or sticky feeling like makeup  remover wipes sometimes do. If I’ve had a late night and I’m being really lazy, I’ll use this before bed and all of my makeup instantly comes off. Sometimes I’ll use it before I  cleanse etc… if I really want a clean face, but not always.

Step 2: Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse! I was an avid Neutrogena user for YEARS, but I kept breaking out and having really dry skin all of the time. When I went to see my esthetician she was horrified I was using that facewash! haha! I was like “whaat!? it says it’s the “natural” line of Neutrogena?” She told me that there are still so many harsh chemicals in that facewash and unfortunately in most drugstore  facewashes. She suggested I try the Obagi line and I’ve honestly never looked back. My face has kept it’s naturally glow and it really cleans deep! A few years ago I decided to splurge on a Clarisonic as well. If you do not have one…. I highly highly suggest one! The older we get, the more we need to take care of our skin and a clarisonic really cleanses deep enough that our serums and moisturizers can work to the  full potential.

Step 3: Toner. I used to use toner all of the time, but then stopped because my face dried out. Well…. I believe it’s because I wasn’t using all of the essentials needed after that. ex: moisturizer and a serum. Toner helps balance your pH levels and keeps an even skin tone. THIS one is great.

Step 4: Serums and eye cream are your new best friends!! You guys, I have to say, incorporating both of these into my routine was the real game changer in the texture of my skin. Some can be very expensive, I know. I used THIS one for a while, but had to stop because I was cringing every time I purchased. My two go-to’s (I switch it up every so often) is THIS serum and THIS serum. They both  plump your skin and leave you with a beautiful glow. I started using THIS eye cream morning and night and I use THIS to eliminate the awful bags around my eyes  every morning.

Step 5: Moisturize and SUNSCREEN. I cannot stress this enough. Wear suncreen every single day. Even when it’s raining, wear it. I’m not talking about some BB Cream with a little SPF 15 in it.The real deal SPF 50 suncreen- DO IT, you will thank me in a year. I was one that did the whole “there’s spf in my makeup” thing, but once my Esthetician and Dermatologist said you are crazy, I started wearing real SPF under my makeup daily and I kid you not- within 6 months to a year, I truely noticed a difference in my skin. THIS is my holy grail, it’s not thick and goes on as smooth as a moisturizer and pairs great under makeup. Onto moisturizers, I bounce between THIS one (lighter for the day) THIS one (I tend to use at night) and THIS or THIS day and night if I have really really dry skin.

Step 6 (Extras!): 

Alternate between THIS mask and THIS mask. Sometimes I even sleep in a thin layer of THIS one. PS if you guys have any good mask recommendations, let me know!

I take THESE vitamins, the skin, beauty,  and multi. Fish Oils have really helped me attain a natural glow as well- I definitely notice a difference.

I sleep with  a silk pillowcase. It’s true, it really works wonders.


Alright, sorry this was a longer post, but I thought I would share what I’ve been doing for the last few years. My skin does go through stages and maybe yours does too, so I do change products up sometimes, but if you take anything from this I’ll say SPF, sleep, water, vitamins and a smile are the most important aspects,  because remember true beauty always starts from within 😉

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