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Thought I would change it up from the typical outfit inspiration today (sorry!) and share what’s been on my menu for dinner this week! I’ve noticed that if I come up with a menu on Sunday and write everything that were going to be having for the week I 1. don’t overspend at the grocery store because I know exactly what I need (or what I may already have) and 2. we’re not tempted with going out to eat because I have something planned and can get a jump start on it! Even thought this isn’t outfit inspo, hopefully you can grab a little “dinner inspo” instead! hah!



On Monday, I made homemade chicken cordon bleu and steamed some green beans to go along with it! Click on the source for the recipe, I’ve made this before and sometimes switch up the cheeses, but the easiest way to keep the chicken rolled up while cooking is really long toothpick/small skewers. I had a ton left over from a party we hosted around Christmas so that’s what I used!



Mmm, my favorite! Lemon garlic tilapia! I paired the baked fish with a broccoli and cheesy rice dish, you can find a similar recipe for that HERE



Tonight, I’m planning on making tortellini, probably the easiest dish haha! I want to make a yummy sauce to go along with it, this recipe above looks really good- the cooked spinach mixed in looks like a yummy touch as well! You can pick up a package of tortellini in the refrigerated section of your grocery store!



Tomorrow night, I’m planning on making burger patties paired with garlic mashed potatoes and zucchini! Some may think it’s a weird dish because it’s essentially a burger without the bun, but if seasoned properly, it’s sooo good…and you don’t have the guilt of devouring the bun hehe!



Ahhh our favorite for a Friday night! Who doesn’t love pizza on a Friday night! One way or another we usually always have pizza on this night- sometimes we walk down to Your Pie and create our own at the restaurant, but most of the time we make pizza’s on a whole wheat tortilla and it’s so much more healthy that way!

Alright that’s all I’ve got for today friends! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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