How To: Put Together a House Warming Gift

Happy Happy Monday! 

My sister in law and her fiance just bought a house a couple weekends ago and as I was putting together a house warming gift for her I decided to snap a few shots to share how I typically put a gift together! I’ve also included some ideas if you’re planning on giving a house warming gift any time soon! I like to include something practical, something cute (decoration), and something they can drink or snack on. I picked up a lot of the items I gave her from Hobby Lobby, but I linked some adorable decor below! PS if you really want to make a gift practical, put all of the items in a bin or basket rather than a gift bag- your friends will be able to use this item as well I’m sure!

Practical Items 


*outfit details linked at the bottom of this post!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I personally love reading blog posts that help and give me ideas for my life so that’s what I wanted for you all today 🙂 Have a great start to your week!

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