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A couple weeks ago I was able to meet up with a friend of mine who sells Beautycounter! She gave me a ton of samples to try out in my own time and today, I wanted to share my thoughts and give a little review. Throughout the past couple of weeks, I’ve posted a few little snaps on snapchat and Instagram and many of you reached out to me saying you really like Beautycounter and what do I think of it? So today, I am going to be completely honest and just remember this is my own opinions and what I experienced may not be the same for your situation.

Skin Care: 

I did not care for the skin care at all which is SUCH a shame! I’m a skin care junkie so I am willing to try anything and everything! Beautycounter’s skincare line and makeup are made out of all natural products so I was really excited to try it all out! The packaging is gorgeous and it all smells soo yummy. Unfortunately, my entire face rashed out and got super itchy and dry to the point of peeling. That being said, I literally have the most sensitive skin, especially on my face and it has taken me YEARS and multiple trips to my dermatologist to see what works for me and my skin (see my skin care routine HERE) I was so sad the skin care didn’t react well with my skin, because I was so excited to try it all out and I’ve heard great things!


This makeup is ah-mazing! The lipsticks and glosses are like butter, the mascara is soo good and this Desert Sunrise eyeshadow is perfection. I loved the two blushes and bronzer and I’m pretty sure I used every single eye shadow at some point! They’re really natural, yet still make your eyes pop! Because I personally think this makeup (which is also made out of natural products) is sooo good, Courtney from Beautycounter and myself have decided to GIVEAWAY a full size mascara!! Be sure to tune into our Instagram: @aubrey.asplen.alley and @courtneyhughes9988 and on Facebook: My Page, Courtney’s Page around 9pm tonight

Skincare | Lipstick | Mascara | Palette 

Have any of you tried Beautycounter products before? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t, but are interested make sure to pop on by Courtney’s website HERE. Thanks for stopping by today! and PS… a new Vlog just went up on our CHANNEL!! Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Thank you to Courtney and Beautycounter for sponsoring today's post.

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