Sunnies and Sandals under $50


Morning Babes!

For me, Spring is when I may or may not go a little overboard with new accessories, shoes and handbags. During the winter, I typically splurge on a nice pair of boots or coat and in return I don’t have to buy something new every winter season. I’ve said it before, but my Tory Burch boots I splurged on more than 5 years ago are still good as new. That being said, during spring and summer it’s fun to try out trendy items- however, who want’s to spend lots of $$$ when its only a “trend” as I was browsing the other day, I found soo many cute sandals and sunglasses all under $50. In fact, I want to say all of these sunglasses above are under $25! I recently purchased THESE sandals and they are soo stinking cute! They’re on sale today too which is awesomeee (but I’m also kind of annoyed because I payed full price…whatevs haha) Happy hump day! We’re half way to the weekend!!

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