We’re on YouTube!!

Hey Friends!

If you missed it on social media last week….. Justin and I have launched a YouTube Vlog Channel! We would love love if you guys subscribed and followed along in our life! We’ve had some requests to start a channel and had actually been thinking about doing it prior soooo IT’S HERE!! We are going to start with just filming our weekends and some trips we take, we would love to do some occasional Q&A’s- let me know in the comments below your ideas/ questions for a possible Q&A! I promise fashion and beauty will still be the main purpose of Hello Alley, however, sometimes I feel like blog posts and IG posts  can seem so “staged” while yes, they totally are- you kind of have to in order to get the perfect shot of your shoes or detailing on a shirt, Justin and I want to keep it real with you all and let you into our lives! We are weird, sometimes boring, way way too obsessed with our puppychild Roscoe, but we have amazing friends and family that we want to introduce you to eventually and what better way to capture that relatable realness than by starting a vlog channel. We really hope you all enjoy this and bear with us as we try and figure out how to navigate YouTube because it’s kind of confusing. Love you guys and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!

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