Last Minute Friday Night Date Ideas

Woohoo! It’s Fri-yay! I don’t know about you, but Justin and I typically have plans (or a general idea) of what we want to do on Saturday and/or Sunday, however, when it comes to Friday evening we’re exhausted haha! My absolute favorite favorite thing to do on a Friday afternoon/ evening is happy hour somewhere with a great atmosphere- whether that’s a fun place at the beach, downtown or a friends house. Often times though, we’re both working late trying to close things up before the weekend actually hits or we’re just straight tired and not in the mood to get ourselves put together quick enough to actually make happy hour SO I thought I would put together a fun little last minute date night ideas list that you and your sweetie can literally do tonight!

1. Beach/Park/ Lakeside/ Backyard Picnic (the easy way) 

When I say ‘the easy way”, I literally mean pack a sandwhich, a bottle of wine and some plastic cups haha! I know we always see these fancy schmancy beach picnics on Pinterest and while they are absolutely #goals…. let’s make it easy on ourselves amirite? Justin and I decided to do this date last Friday and we’re still laughing about it. I see these instagram stories, posts and pinterest pins of couples going on these drool worthy amazing picnics and I mean yes, it is what I had in mind even if we were just getting Pub Subs… but this is real life y’all. It ended up being SO FREAKING WINDY and cold, but we were already there and hungry  so we decided to stay. Let me paint the picture for you guys: I laid down one beach blanket for us to sit on, I wrapped the other around me and tied it around my neck, I packed plastic wine glasses for us, but had to bury the stem in the sand so I could eat my sub and stay warm while holding my blanket and as I finally find a way to *kinda* enjoy this struggle……Justin’s lettuce from his sub literally blew off of the sandwhich and smacked me right in the face. So that being said, don’t set out these unrealistic goals for a last minute date, just enjoy the time (and laughs) you’re having with each other.

2. Make yourself a little cocktail and take the dog on a walk or take a long bike ride 

We do this a lot for a “date” and while it’s not really a date date, if we’ve been cooped up inside all day and just had a really looong day if ya know what I mean, we make our own happy hour and take a long walk around the neighborhood or the beach!

3. Go to the movies last minute OR make some yummy cookies and watch one at home

You absolutely can go to the movies on a Friday night, last minute, in ya sweat pants I’m not going to judge!! We still would rather rent something on demand and make cookies though haha!

4. Find a gourmet (ish) meal on Pinterest and cook together

Meet each other at the grocery store on the way home from work, shop for the ingredients together and then have a cooking night!

5. Sit outside on your porch, play a board game or card game and just enjoy each other

I love doing this, especially right now when the weather is nice!

6. Exercise! 

If you have a community pool or pool in your backyard, jump in and swim some laps! If rollerblading is your thing, rollerblade (or bike…that’s easier) up to a food truck or a quick restaurant and get some take out! If you both couldn’t exercise that morning, but want to start the weekend off right, how about going to the gym… or check your local yoga studio- they often have evening classes on Fridays! (Justin actually loves it when he gets the time to go… so go tell your man that! It’s more of a workout than they think!)

7. Run those errands you’ve been putting off (yea, this is included) 

Ya know, those errands you’ve been putting off all week and don’t want to do over the weekend either? If you’re not in the mood to do anything, just go get it over with, but doing it together will make it seem much less like a chore… and maybe you can score some ice cream before you head home!

If you’re still reading this…thanks haha! I don’t know, I just like to be “real” with you guys every so often and all seven of these things are actual “dates” we’ve done on a Friday night. They don’t have to be over the top or lavish, but spending time together and throwing something fun in like stopping for ice cream on the way back from Home Depot can really be times you remember. I get it, there are Friday nights where I do not feel like putting on makeup and doing my hair…so all of the above are easy simple ideas that get you out of the house and refreshed after working all week! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite easy date night is or if you use any of these! Love ya, babes… have a great weekend!

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