Managing Your Time Wisely with TIMEX Watches

Good Morning! I’m writing this cozied up on the couch right now because it is storming SO badly! I love storms though….it must be the Floridian in me. Moving on…. today I’ve been given the opportunity to partner with TIMEX watches to introduce their spring line! I was debating what I would talk about it today’s post and I wanted to share how I’ve been keeping track of time and using it wisely since working from home! It’s definitely been a change going from office to home office- I find myself trying to do everyyyything ha! I’ll work on my blog, then realize I need to do laundry, then I’ll notice the floors need to be vacuumed, then oh crud! I forgot to email this person back! I’m definitely not wasting time, but I was not using it wisely either! I’ve found a couple of apps that have helped!


This app has been a GAMECHANGER! I’ve been so productive since using this app, I’m able to type everything in that I need to get done for the day (I typically do this the night before ) and I check it every morning and check my tasks off as I get them done!

2. 30/30

I don’t use this app everyday, but it does come in handy. You can turn it on and it tells you when to move onto your next task or take a break. You can add time (say work for 50 min, break for 10) or use it as 30 min for one task, 30 min for the next and so on.

3. Reminders

I’ll use the iPhone reminders app if I CANNOT forget to do something (I usually think of these at night  and roll over at 2 am to type something in haha) but I use this because my phone will set off an alarm and remind me right then and I’ll get it done. My mom uses this all the time….I think that’s where I got it from

4.Planoly and Snug

I use both of these to plan out my Instagram. I like the Planoly app better, you can actually see it on your desktop and review analytics etc, but Snug lets you delete photos that are already published on your instagram feed so- if you’re wondering what your feed would look like without a certain photo- this lets you delete it on the app to see what it would look like on your feed.

This watch Timex sent over is so so gorgeous, the rose gold color goes with just about everything in my closet! I’m such a watch person, I always find myself wanting to wear my apple watch when I’m dressed up, but it looks funny so I can’t wait to wear this pretty little watch next time I’m getting fancy!

WATCH: Timex c/o | BRACELET: Nordstrom (only $12!)

Photography by: Two Lee Photography

Thank you to TIMEX Watches for sponsoring this post.

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