Healthy Hair Care Routine with Pantene | #StrongisBeautiful

Happy Wednesday Babes! I have been so flattered over the last couple of months at how many of you have been asking exactly what I do for my hair care routine and all of the compliments I’ve been receiving about my hair! I have been thinking on it for quite some time now… how I kind of wanted to lay out this hair care post. Well, when Pantene reached out to me to partner on their Strong Is Beautiful campaign the timing couldn’t be any more perfect! I mean I was literally throwing out my empty bottles of Pantene Pro V Sleek and Smooth as I received the new Damage Detox Shampoo in the mail. I promise these are the products I use in my hair care routine and I would never partner with a company if I didn’t already use it/ strongly believe in it… So that being said, lets jump right in:

Night Routine

I wash my hair probably 2-3 times a week. I have longer, thick hair aka A LOT of it, so honestly I can get away with only washing it a few times a week- I noticed that my hair grew a little more over time the less I washed it, but that’s just what I’ve experienced. However, I have been going to yoga every day lately (oh yea!) and it is HOT in that room… so… I have to wash my hair pretty much every day now. While I have been told that washing your hair every day is not healthy, Pantene’s new shampoos actually penetrate into the core with nourishing lipids and antioxidants, replenishing hair’s lost moisture, and protecting from present and future damage. Basically your hair is becoming healthier the more you wash! The  Damage Detox  Shampoo has been leaving my hair feeling shinier, healthier and more manageable than before. I hate when a shampoo or conditioner doesn’t lather and ends up leaving your hair rough after rinsing it out (ya feel me?!) Pantene has always left my hair smooth after a rinse! After I get out of the shower, I’ll use a detangler before brushing with my Wet Brush. I try to let my hair air dry, but I’ll blow dry it if we’re going somewhere!

Day Routine

As far as my day routine, I’ve found that not straightening my hair and using heat on it every day has made my hair much healthier than it has been in the past. I’ll curl my hair with THIS curling iron (I get a ton of questions about what I use to style and that curling iron is it) and I’ll spray it with a hair spray or Pantene’s texturizing hairspray and my hair stays curled for a few days after! When in doubt, messy pony or bun it is! I’ll use a dab of the argon oil on the ends of my hair or the top of my head to tame fly-aways and that’s about it!

New Shampoo | Conditioner | DetanglerTexturizing Hair Spray 

I hope this post answered your questions about my hair routine, but if I missed something I will be happy to answer!! Have a great week, friends and thanks for popping by!

Thank you to Pantene for sponsoring today's post.

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