Summer Glow Makeup Routine

Happy Tuesday! During the summer, I rarely where a ton of makeup. I’m either working out and sweating my buns off, at the beach or in the sun in general and love that feeling of sun and ocean water on my bare face- the last thing I want to do is have to worry about makeup while I’m being active in the heat SO I usually opt out of it during the day. That being said I loveee doing my makeup when we go out to dinner or a fun night out in the summer! I love going for a really glowy sunkissed look and a natural tan underneath doesn’t hurt either! I’ve mapped out a few of my favorite products I’m absolutely loving this time of year! PS* if you scroll to the bottom, I have a coupon code for Hello Smooth!

  • I’m loving THIS foundation, it’s really dewy yet stays on ALL DAY. I used to be a MUFE fanatic and this stuff lasts longer, but doesn’t go on thick! PS I snagged myself one of THESE makeup brushes…I just had to. My mom has one that I have borrowed before and the coverage is unreal!


  • I tend to contour with HOOLA and the little flat edge brush it comes with works perfectly for me! I have a couple contour brushes, but they tend to be a little thick. I love benefit’s blushes as well. THIS palette seems to be the best deal to me ( I bought a version of this last Christmas) you receive a bunch of blushes and Hoola at a significantly discounted price.


  • During the summer months we all tend to have more tanned skin, so instead of highlighting with a “white based” highlighter, I just like using a luminous baked bronzer and sweeping that across my forehead and tops of my cheekbones. I use THIS as a primer too, it gives your foundation a serious glow!


  • I LOVE gold, dewy looking eyeshadow. The Naked palettes always seem to help me accomplish that! ALSO… I’VE MADE A DISCOVERY! I always use a mascara primer, but mascara primers are usually white which is fine, but my mascara ended up almost a grey color towards the end of the day. THIS tightliner from IT Cosmetics… omgeeee! It makes your eyelashes so long with the tiniest brush and then adding your regular mascara on top of it, it looks like you’re wearing fake lashes! You can wear it alone for a very natural look or use it under mascara as mentioned above. Apparently, the formula is really good for your lashes too, it’s infused with something to make them grow!


  • Finishing off with the lips, I found THIS lip balm a couple months ago, it’s great for a super natural look with a little bit of color (I wear this to the beach a lot!) But I finally found a nude lipstick I’m obsessed with! THIS lipstick in the shade Modesty is gorgeous!

Alright babes, thanks for popping by today! I was supposed to have my second laser appointment with Hello Smooth yesterday, but due to the storms- the power went out, which means the lasers were not working either. We rescheduled for a couple weeks and I’m so excited for even more results! If you are thinking about booking with Hello Smooth, I have good news! Mention my name and you will receive $150 off!! Whoop!!

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