Weekly Outfit Roundup | 5.28.17- 6.3.17

Hey Guys! It’s Friday and officially the weekend because LOL I’m posting this blog post after 5pm.. whoops! I went to the Town Center today to try and get my vlogging camera fixed….no luck. Pretty sure it’s going to cost me the same price to get it fixed (shipping and wait time) as buying a new one UGH I hate unnecessary purchases. They annoy me. Like a flake of dirt is in my lens and now I have to drop major $$ to get it fixed or buy a new one.why WHYYY! Ok I’m done! I popped into Nordstrom to check out the half yearly sale and I’m pretty proud of myself for holding back (you’re welcome babe) I mean I did buy a new pair of earrings, a dress for a wedding and a cute jean romper dress, but it all came out less than $100 thanks to my Nordstrom Note so I’d say I did a pretty good job 🙂

ANYWAY…. I had a new idea, let’s see if I can keep it up consistently, but I want to start rounding up my outfits I post to Instagram that week on Fridays! I think it will be a great way to catch up over the weekend if you had a super busy work week and didn’t have time to check Instagram! A lot of outfit pieces will still be in stock (hopefully!) as well! Without further ado’ …

A casual jumpsuit is the freakin best thing to travel in! I tied a denim jacket around my waist in case I got cold!

This dress is still in stock and so cute! It can so easily be dressed up or dressed down for the sweet summer time!

I got sooo many questions about this moisturizer by Clinique! It’s actually a serum, but has the thickness and texture of a moisturizer (think clear lotion) – not an oil based serum. I use this serum every morning after I cleanse and tone.

This tee is soo cute and proceeds go to charity! How cool! The beading is so awesome for a simple tshirt

Favorite item of the week goes to this ruffled cutie top! You guys loved this one!! I talked more about it in this blog post.

I posted this photo earlier this week to show you guys the results from my laser photo facial! A FULL review and vlog is in THIS POST! All of my beachwear is linked below!

Ok so I used to work in downtown St. Augustine and I live about 20 minutes away…how the heck have I never popped in Creme de la Cocoa? Soo yummy and the entire place is covered in white marble (insert heart eye emojis) Had a few questions: My choker is from a few years ago, literally don’t remember where I bought it, but I linked a cheap similar one below and I think I found my shirt at Marshalls, but I linked a couple similar as well!

Ob freakin sessed with this gingham skirt!! I found the matching top online a few days ago, it wasn’t in the store, but kinda debating buying it. In the mean time, these tanks from Madewell, omg the best.

Have a great weekend loves!!


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