20 Bucketlist To-Dos Before Summer Ends

Well Happy Friday, Friends! Even though the weather is far from Fall, summer is coming to an end. School is back in session, new fiscal years for work, football season is near and then it’s the holidays! Fall is my absolute favorite season, but I have to remind myself not to rush each season and enjoy the moment! While telling myself to slow down the other day, I had an idea to come up with a little “bucket list” of things to do before Summer is official over! Keep scrolling down for 20 ideas to do!

20 Things To Do Before the Summer Season Comes To An End

  1.  Have a beach picnic at sunset before it gets too chilly.
  2. Take a spontaneous road trip for a weekend with friends.
  3. Go to the beach, lake or river and hang out by the water!
  4. Go to a boozy brunch with girlfriends and take as many selfies, boomerangs and pictures your little heart desires.
  5. Get the last wear out of your rompers and sun dresses
  6. Get the brightest color nailpolish at your next mani/pedi…something you can’t do in the Fall.
  7. Take advantage of the longer days and go on a long bikeride after work.
  8. Go to a drive-in movie or a host a movie on the lawn
  9. Check out your local Farmer’s Market and stock up on lots of fruits and veggies while you can!
  10. Go to a concert or a music festival
  11. Make a “summer” dessert like key lime pie!
  12. Check to see if there’s a food truck Friday somewhere in your area!
  13. Spend the day at a waterpark. (if you’re near Orlando, check out my review on Volcano Bay waterpark!)
  14. Drink coffee while watching the sun rise
  15. Try an adventurous activity like skydiving, rockclimbing, kayaking, yoga, paddle boarding, etc…
  16. Cuddle up with a great book.
  17. Head to a baseball game.
  18. Get together with some friends and take your dogs to a dog park.
  19. Book yourself a spa day.
  20. Take a nap in a hammock and just enjoy the warm summer breeze.


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