July Roundup + Gettin Real With Y’all

Well good morning and happy Tuesday babes! I feel like it’s been awhile! I have soo many outfits to round up for y’all today, so I thought I would do a big July life roundup as well!

I’ve been debating on writing all of this today, but I’ve said since the day I launched my blog, I will always be truthful and real with y’all because that’s the type of person I am. That being said, if you guys haven’t noticed already- I’ve been slacking on my creative content and posts on my blog lately- I keep up with Instagram almost daily, but this past month I have been struggling. If some of you are new to Hello Alley, I left my corporate job back in March to pursue blogging full time and it has been AWESOME! If you ever get the chance to make your dreams a reality, take it and don’t look back. There may be some bumps ahead, but it’s so worth it in the end.

Anyway, since doing this full time, I’ve really made a commitment to only put out quality content and I want all of my posts to be engaging and insightful and interesting– I’m doing this thing full time so I shouldn’t publish anything less.  I literally have 1 million crazy ideas for the blog flowing through my head all day everyday that I honestly get overwhelmed with my own mind and life that I end up doing NOTHING. Like not even one post. I’m the most creative later in the evening and working from home I let the little things like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen distract me during the day and then I’m left getting nothing for my blog done or working really late at night and that’s not fair to Justin because he comes home after work expecting to spend quality time with his wife! I’m still trying to figure out that sweet spot of home life/ work balance, but when they’re mixed in to one another IT’S HARD! I don’t want to complain about my situation, because not having to sit at a desk in an office all day is something I am SO grateful for and I’ve definitely been able to catch up with friends more for a quick lunch or been able to be social media free on a weekend because I got it done M-F- it’s great, but if you guys have any suggestions for working from home, I’d love to know! I try to get out and work at a coffee shop often, but I find myself people watching haha! I just wanted to be up front and honest with you all for the lack of posts this last month, I promise I’m not burnt out- it’s actually quite the opposite. I have SOO MUCH I want to do for yall and I’ve been getting some awesome post/video ideas from those of you sending me DMs and emails that I’m like frozen, I get overwhelmed with wanting everything to be perfect and it backfires and I get nothing done.

Maybe I’ll have a post up in a month or two letting you know how I finally figured out how to balance it all or maybe I’ll have a post up letting you know I’m still struggling with the anxiety of having everything perfect and the best it could be. Blogging, specifically style blogging is so saturated these days that you really have to think outside the box and create content that will stand out- it’s quality over quantity lately!!

I hate venting like this today, but I’m sure there are others out there that feel the same way- wanting to be a perfect wife, mom, friend, co-worker, boss etc.. it’s human nature to want to be the best you can be, but it’s not healthy to be so hard on ourselves. This social media era doesn’t make it any easier and having a job right in the midst of it… yeah, you get it. I just want to leave you with, I understand and relate, I may post social media posts where my life looks like it’s perfect and balanced blah blah but it’s not and even though it’s my job to make life look really easy, I’m feeling the stress just like all of you probably are wherever your job might be! We’re in this together babes! I wish I could have you all over for wine now…. 🙂

MOVING ON…… We did a lot of fun things this past month and I want to share everything with you! Lots of my outfits from July are still in stock (which is crazy!) So feel free to browse and let me know in the comments below if you have questions on sizing etc…

Breakfast at Sapphire Falls resort! Read all about our trip HERE (if you’re planning to go to Universal any time soon I highly suggest it!)

I’ve been going to Orange Theory Fitness the past couple months and I LOVE IT!!! I kind of feel like I’m bulking up a little bit (Obvi not in this pic^^ this was one of my first classes) but if any of you fitness gurus on tips to not bulk up…help?! It’s really just my traps that are growing and I personally don’t like that look on my body…. #girlprobs

DRESS FOUND HERE  c/o Fig and Willow Boutique

I wore this outfit to an event I hosted earlier this summer with Flippersplash (full blog post on that coming soon) but this exact jumpsuit unfortunately sold out the day I posted it to Insta, however, I found a bunch SUPER similar below!

I wore this outfit on our last day in Orlando, we went to lunch in at City Walk. How fun are these palm print shorts and can we talk about the Valentino Sandal dupes!! Click on the widget below to shop!



We went back to Universal later in July when my best friend, Brooke, from AL came to visit! I obviously had to find a cupcake that matched my shirt…duhhhh 🙂



My mom and I took alot of long walks on her beach this summer while she had off.

  1. Yes, this beach is a 2 minute walk from my parent’s house so I’m pretty sure the neighbors aren’t quite sure if I live there or not because I come over all the time…as you can see why.
  2. Mari Ellen (my mother) took this pic for me and it was HER idea…. we joked the whole summer while she was on break that she was my summer intern…. M.E. did great! hahaha

I went on a family vacation with my inlaws to Delray Beach this past month… it was amazing!!

This was the backyard of the house we stayed at in Delray. We swam in the pool every night and had a boat slip to dock up to – super convenient!  Also can’t believe this dress is STILL in stock! (on major sale too) It’s from last year!

I found this tank from a boutique on Atlantic Ave in Delray, but I linked a few similar and the rest (exact) outfit details below!


Pretty sure this wins as my fave vacation outfit!!


fave fave fave purchase from the #NSALE

This exact pullover has sold out, but I found a super similar one HERE and I am OBSESSED with this bralette! 

You can purchase this slip dress HERE, full review of this shapewear piece can be found HERE and don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win FIVE pieces- it ends tonight!! Enter HERE



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  1. Courtney wrote:

    Great post girl! Have been loving all of your vacay outfits so much. That little bralette is the cutest, love the lace detail!! I’m still juggling the full time work and blogging on the side but hope to one day go full time. I can imagine especially at work what a struggle it must be, and Iv’e heard soooo many other bloggers say the same thing. You will find your groove don’t worry! Have you tried using a planner to block out certain times of the day for certain things? That might help to get more structure. Like only housework and errands between a certain time, then a certain chunk for emails, and one for social media etc etc… I love to write things down it helps me feel better and when I can tick tasks off I feel so much better. xoxo

    Posted 8.8.17 Reply
    • HelloAlley wrote:

      Thanks so much Courtney! I’m definitely a note/to do list person- I always write myself a list of tasks each day to try and stay focused, but the “time block” idea is so smart! Im definitely going to have to try that one out! Thanks for popping by, gal! I feel like I’m slowly getting by groove back 🙂
      XO | Aubrey

      Posted 8.11.17 Reply
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    Loving everything! 🙂 I. FEEL. YOU. I no longer work from home but did back in the day. I found that if I treated it more like I was in an office with other people that I was able to accomplish more work. I’d get up early like I used to and do house work or workout or just goof off like I sometimes do in the mornings and then shower and get (sorta dressed) as if I was going to work. By sorta dressed, I mean I’d have on clothes obvi but not always all my makeup or possibly let my hair stay dirty a day longer than I would if I had to leave my house. 😉 After that, I set a schedule, similar to what Courtney just said, and do certain tasks at certain times as if my “boss” was going to hunt me down if I didn’t.

    I’d allow time for a few chores during “lunch” and turned off my tv and just played music like I do at my desk every day now. Although I still had days where I was not nearly as productive as I should have been, it was semi helpful.

    Also, I made my husband buy me a cute office set up so I felt more “businessy” at home. LOLOL (Tell Justin to get you something FANCY. JK-you probably already have a cute setup going there.)

    But like you said, the night time struggle was always real. I had to remind myself and Sean that just like my “other” jobs just because I work from home doesn’t mean I always finish everything I need to and occasionally have to do some things at night. AKA Creative stuff…I’m a night person like you so I don’t creative until like 4 pm at the earliest (or maybe that’s when I start drinking…haha!) BUT regardless, once he realized it wasn’t that different, other than we were saving gas doll hairs, the balance was slightly better.

    Hope that helps!!! Can’t wait to see some exciting projects from you in the future. – Stephanie

    Posted 8.8.17 Reply
    • HelloAlley wrote:

      hahahaha I just LYSM!! Thank you thank you for all of those tips, definitely taking them to heart and will be trying some different things out! PS happy hour soon!?

      Posted 8.11.17 Reply
  3. Thanks for sharing! So funny, I’ve been feeling a little dry spell too. I’ve had a few that I wrote in June to post in July but haven’t written one this month (yet). I sometimes find that if I’m struggling creatively, I get off technology and get out! Off my phone, off other blogs, and try to find a source true to my heart. I’ll let you know if I find it! 😉 I have a flexible job as well and find myself with the same temptations during the day. I like to start early when my husband gets up and that’s when I load dishes, throw in a load of laundry and clean the kitchen. I can’t work when I know the house is a mess. The I sit down in my office with a few snacks and a drink so I won’t get up and I usually have to pull myself away at 5! Sometimes you just need a good creative break for a while and I think that’s a good thing, it keeps you in check about only posting good content. You are doing so great and I always love following along!! <3

    Posted 8.9.17 Reply
    • HelloAlley wrote:

      Thanks for the tips Stephanie!! I am the SAME way. If the kitchen is a mess I mentally can’t get myself to focus in my office! That’s a great idea to get the small tasks done when the hubs wakes up! Definitely going to have to try that out! thanks for the sweet words friend! Come visit soon 🙂

      Posted 8.11.17 Reply


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