The Key To Wearing A Denim Mini Skirt + Outfit Inspo For Fall

Hey Hey! I wore this outfit a month or two ago when I went down to Tamp to visit one of my besties , JJ, from college! She took me to this place called The Franklin Manor to try their Frosé and omgwow. so good. If you’re ever in the Tampa area you’ve got to try it! Their food was really really yummy as well! If you missed it… I took a quick snap of the frosé HERE and HERE .

Alright so let’s talk denim skirts! I feel like a denim skirt is something you can sooo easily dress up or down. Pair it with a pair of sneaks and a cute tee and it’s a chic casual outfit OR pair a denim mini with a blouse and heels and boom, you’re ready for a night out! Since we all know I’ve got a bigger booty…I’m here to tell you THIS denim skirt I’m wearing in today’s post is PERFECT! It’ s a little higher waisted (which I like- makes your waist look tiny and slims the hips) but, it’s not cut super short or tight, the length is great and it doesn’t feel skin tight.

The key to wearing a denim mini: 

Seeing the waistline of the skirt. I personally prefer to wear my denim skirt with a crop top or tight cami, BUT simply tucking your blouse into the skirt gives the same effect! It creates a really flattering shape whereas if I left the shirt I’m wearing below untucked- I looked very boxy. If fully tucking in or sporting a crop top isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can simply tuck just the front of your shirt into where the button of the skirt is. I love this look with a sweater- just a simple tuck at the belly creates a huge difference! 


I really love the color of this skirt as well. It’s a true blue jean- not too light or dark and while the bottom of the skirt is distressed a bit… there’s no holes in the actual skirt making it appropriate for any occassion. (relatively speaking… please don’t wear this to a wedding or church…. seriously hahaha)

Below, I’ve linked in the widgets this skirt I’m wearing as well as a few other’s that caught my eye! Some are the same brand as mine too so they should fit the same. I found a couple that had some patchwork which I think is so fun and trendy and I’ve noticed that the wrap denim skirt and denim with exposed zippers are both trending this season as well! I took these photos back in the middle of the summer, so I know this exact outfit may not be able to be worn in a few months, so I found some pictures (below) of different ways you can style a denim mini- especially during the fall months! I love the look of a jean skirt and oversized sweater tucked into the front sooo much! Def going to create that look for y’all soon!

Crisp Oxford and Trendy Patch Denim Skirt

Source: Pinterest

A crisp oxford tucked into patchwork denim is the perfect combination of classic + trendy.

Sweater or Sleeveless Turtleneck and OTK Boots

Source: Pinterest

This look is so perfect for the Fall, especially for those weird transitional months where the weather doesn’t know if it should be cold or hot!


Blouse + Belt 

(source: Pinterest)

I love this look for a girls night! A fun flowy blouse tucked into the denim mini with a belt, can really make your waist look very flattering!


Fancy Cami + Cardigan

Source: Pinterest

This outfit is totally something I would wear for a datenight. The fancier body suit or cami brings out the sexiness of the outfit when paired with the denim, but the cardigan on top, brings a softness and cozy look perfect for a romantic dinner with your SO.

Thanks for stopping by today, babes! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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