Summer Social Series with FlipperSplash


So first of all, what is Flippersplash you might be asking? Flippersplash is a platform where brands and influencers can connect. It’s a place you can come- as a brand and find influencers to advertise for you without going through the pricey agencies. Rather than a brand paying big $$ for marketing, Flippersplash can connect the brands with Influencers in their genre who already have a large reach of people and advertise through their readership. By doing so, there’s freedom for the brands and influencers to create anything they want- they’re not stuck with rules like a commercial, website or radio platform might have. By paying an influencer for 1 social media post or blog post, they can reach thousands of people in literally 3 minutes thanks to the technology based era we’re currently living in. The brand doesn’t need to do any work besides pitch an email and a contract- the creative work is left for the influencer to do.  Flippersplash is the common ground between both.

Influencers- if you are in the Flippersplash database, brands will be able to find you and reach out to work- no more searching and pitching brands.

Brands- if you are a client  of Flippersplash, you will have access to all social media influencers that are in the FS database and will be able to pitch these influencers to work and represent your company.

The team at Flippersplash is awesome and will always be available if you have questions. Influencers, if you want to know more about a certain brand before responding- they will for sure give you more of a background and brands, if you’re still unsure about how to pitch a blogger or want to know a little more about an influencer, the team at FS I know will be more than happy to assist with that as well.

At the beginning of the summer, I sat down with Monica (Founder/CEO) and Bridget (CMO) and we started brainstorming. There was only so much Flippersplash could explain over instagram and their website so we thought, why not host a little series of meetups to explain IN PERSON what Flippersplash was all about. I rounded up all of my blogger babe friends and a few local companies I’ve worked with and Monica and Bridget pitched like a million more companies around Jacksonville too. Once the RSVPs started flowing in we knew this was the start of something awesome.


The first event was emphasized on the style and beauty industry in the area- beauty and fashion bloggers flooded One Ocean Resort in the cutest summer outfits and as far as brands we had boutiques, wellness brands, Big Fish Yoga Studio, My Dry Blow Out bar and many more! The brands and influencers were able to put faces to names and everyone was able to connect and network! We had a yummy mimosa bar, a DIY flower bouquet bar with Little Flower Bunch and the manager at One Ocean gave us a huge tour of the resort! It was a really fun day and a great way to kick off the first event of the Series!

My two blogger besties, Kristin and Tanner!

Outfit details are in THIS POST  (scroll down in post)

Ashlea, owner of the Little Flower Bunch

Monica (left) & Bridget (right)


The next event we had was at Riverside Liquors and was soo much fun! We emphasized on lifestyle, foodie, and photography influencers. It was so cool meeting and mingling with everyone there- the style event was awesome, but it was totally fun getting to know other influencers that weren’t necessarily in the same genre as me! I feel like there were so many good vibes flowing around at this event. We drank some yummy wine and ate delicious tapas c/o Riverside Liquors and y’all….can I just say the doughnuts we had from Jane Dough OMG YUM! (pictured below) Also, side story… and she’s totally gonna kill me for this, but if you guys don’t already follow Trice from High Heels and Good Meals….GET ON IT. This girl never fails to make me laugh, she is just that genuine soul sister that’s so rare in the blogging world. Anyways, as I was stuffing my face with a doughnut from the batch pictured below, I turned around and said, Trice! Have you tried one of these yet…. little did I know, girlfriend was wrapping up doughnuts and putting them in her purse for later!! She was like girl… did I try one? I’m taking some home!! These are the best donuts ever!

Outfit details linked in THIS POST

Savanna…this girl is the CUTEST

Bethany, Savanna and Sarah


This last event was held at Damiana and was soo fun! If you are looking for a space to hold an event or birthday party or something, definitely check out Damiana in St. Augustine. The vibe of this place is so cool, interior deco is amazing and the drinks… cocktail creation for sure… there were real flowers in our drinks!!

Skirt can be found via this link (ON SALE FOR $14!!)

Sasha, Kristin and Anna

Thank you to all of the influencers and brands that came out to our events, Flippersplash will be hosting their last event (launch party woo!) On September 12 in the evening, if you would like to make sure you’re on the invite list, email me at and once you receive your invite, make sure to RSVP ASAP because spots are limited and will be filling up very quickly!

Thank you One Ocean, Riverside Liquors and Damiana for hosting the venue for each of our events and thank you to Flippersplash for allowing me to co-host each event with your team! Awesome things are in the works for you brands and influencers… so follow them now to stay up to date!

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