The Red Lace Dress Perfect for Datenight, Holidays, Fall Weddings, etc…

Happy Monday Friends! It’s been a hot minute thanks to hurrican Irma! We didn’t personally have any destruction to our house but we were out of power for quite some time and when it came back on, we needed to help out in the community and help our parents with their houses at the beach! Anyway, If you all remember, I wore this lace dress to a wedding the night before Irma hit and y’all went crazy over it!! I love it and I love the color and the fit. I think it is so perfect for a fall wedding, fancy datenight or party or save it for the holidays or valentine’s day! It’s just a good dress/color to have in your closet. Since we were preparing for the hurricane, I didn’t even get the chance to go shopping for a dress for the wedding, so I looked in my closet and forgot I had this on! Since it’s older, it’s unfortunately not available anymore, BUT I found 3 dresses that are practically identical and a significantly lower price than the one I’m wearing…..grrrrr. That always happens to me, I find it cheaper 6 months later. Oh well, I can’t NOT share these finds with you guys 🙂 First up:



*Click Picture to Shop*

Price: $89

Color: 3 other colors

Shipping: Free Shipping


*Click Picture to Shop*

Price: $50

Color: 2 colors: Blush and Deep Red

Shipping: Free Shipping, BUT expect 2-3 weeks on shipping- sometimes sooner, but I’ve had items take this long before.


*Click Picture to Shop*

Price: $189

Color: 1 color: Red

Shipping: Free Shipping, Within 1 week.

Happy Shopping Babes! If you order one of these dresses, I would love to know where you’re going to wear it!

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