Wellness Wednesday: 8 Things Happy People Do Everyday

Hey There, Friends! As I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I came across the cutest little illustration for self care! I am all about taking care of yourself, sometimes I think people get confused with self care= selfishness, but to me, if you take care of yourself first- mind, body and soul, you’ll actually be a better human towards other people. AKA the complete opposite of being selfish! I completely agree with everything in this illustration for ways to self improve and be happy.

1.Practice Gratitude: Whether this is spending 30 min in the morning reading your devotional/ Bible/ praying, going to yoga and practicing the calmness of the day and meditation or even just having breakfast or coffee in the morning with your SO and enjoying each other, these things are good for your mind and soul.

2. Spend Time in Nature: No, you don’t have to go birdwatching or camping, but getting outside for a quick walk around the block or a fun little bikeride after work is SO important. We are glued to our computers and phones and getting a little sunshine and fresh air is HEALTHY and goes a long way.

3. Eat Breakfast: This is the most important meal of the day. If you want energy for your day, EAT SOMETHING!

4. Drink Water: Y’all know I love this one with a passion! Gallon a day baby! Helps your skin, helps you not over-eat, flushes toxins, water should be your new BFF if it’s not already!

5. Listen to music: I think this is a great one, turning on tunes in your car, at work, at your house instantly lifts your mood! Speaking of….what’s everyone think about T.Swift’s new music?!!

6. Go to bed by 10: Ok, maybe it doesn’t have to be 10pm on the dot, but make sure you’re getting 7+ hours of sleep a night. It’s so so important. If you’re not, you may feel fine now, but it’ll catch up to you!

Hope you guys liked this post, I love reading self care content 🙂 it makes me want to organize my life and be a better person! haha! Alright, hope yall have a fantastic Wednesday!

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