Repurposing Your Summer Dress

So I’ve been trying to be better about making my wardrobe last as long as I can…stretching out my seasonal pieces as long as I can into the next one, while still staying relevant. This past week I had soo many meetings and things to get done, it was really hot, but it was also the last week of September, so, I took a look into my closet and thought, how can I do this. I grabbed a sundress I wore all sumer long, found my dark denim jacket, and slipped on my newest booties, and you know what…it worked! I felt ok about my outfit choice in terms of the fact it’s finally Fall, but I could take the jacket off whenever I started feeling hot. A ton of you asked about my paisley dress- unfortunately it’s sold out, but I did find a few similar that I linked at the bottom of this post as well as my exact booties and denim jacket. My advice to you today is, if you’re living somewhere it hasn’t quite dropped below 85 degrees, grab your summer sundress, romper, tank top and shorts, but add 1 or 2 “fall accessories” to your outfit, whether it’s a jacket and booties, a light scarf with your tanktop, a fall hat, etc… you get where I’m going haha! However, I am SO READY for some 70 and below weather! It’s SO HOT HERE IN FLORIDA!

Similar Dress | Booties | Denim JacketĀ 

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