Christmas Gift Guide: Unique Experiences + Holiday Outfit

Well hey there, friends! Better late than never, am I right? I was literally home for all of 10 min today and right now is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and publish this post! I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on gift guides and sales and just generally what you want to see. Per some of your requests, I jumped a little outside of the gift box (get it? lol) and wanted to give you some “experience” gift ideas! The longer you’re with someone, each year there’s less and less to get them because you probably already gave them that last year. I love love experiences and travel for a gift, it’s so fun to make memories on a special day! This year, Justin and I are giving each other very minimal presents, if any at all and we’re going on some fun trips instead! Below, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite experience ideas, I would love to know what you end up trying and how it goes!!

Also…bc lets be real, I can’t forget about the #OOTD, this one is super easy and I guarantee you’ll be able to wear it this whole winter season for any occasion (with the exception of stilettos in a casual setting of course!) I LOVE this off the shoulder top, it’s TTS and so soft (and it’s also on sale!) If you’re looking for a pair of nude pumps, I highly suggest these– the color, fit and price are great. The rest of my outfit details are linked via widgets below. Happy Monday loves!

  1. Mystery Restaurant! Pick 12 restaurants- a mix of some you’ve been wanting to try out, your fave restaurants, fancy, casual etc… throw them all into a box, wrap it up and each month pick one (no peeking!) and that’s the place you’ll try out that month! It’s an easy date you’ll already have planned!¬†
  2. Take home the Wife of The Year award and plan a guys night out for him and his buddies- set up reservations at a fun restaurant for them, book a fishing charter, snag some tickets to a sporting event or concert, or send them to a bar with a tab already paid for. (Justin has already approved of all of these and even gave some input so… I guess I know what I’m doing for Christmas!)
  3. Wrap up a new fishing pole, paddleboard, bike, kayak etc… something physical they can see and hold, but then attach a little envelope with an actual date attached to it that would involve said gift!
  4. So my sister in law actually told me about this one that her and her fianc√© have been doing and I think it would make the perfect Christmas gift! They got these monthly movie passes where they pay a monthly fee of like $10 or $20 and get unlimited movies and discounts on goodies! With the price of movies these days- that’s such a steal! I’m not sure which theatre it was, but I’m sure you could look up your local place and see if they do that pass as well!
  5. Cooking class or dance class. I love a gift like this, it’s great bonding time with your person. You’re learning something new together and to me, that’s such a great way to get closer to someone and it’s fun too!!
  6. Golf lessens or any type of sports lesson, whatever your man is into. I’m pretty sure my mom has done this a few times for my dad and brother. Men (and women, I knoww) can get so difficult to find a good gift for, but all men usually love sports and anything physical so a lesson or two would be an awesome gift!
  7. Plan a road trip, it doesn’t even have to be an over night stay, just a little road trip right outside (or within) your local city with planned stops along the way. How fun would it be to act like a tourist in your own town for a day!?
  8. No presents at all and go on an actual trip..or two. It’s so hard to find time that both of you get off of work for an extended amount of time to travel-why not take advantage of the holidays and just GO!
  9. If you live near an amusement park, get tickets for the day and act like kids again!
  10. I was trying to come up with one last gift idea to round this up to 10 and Justin just yelled “BUY A BOAT” so…. if you can do that, go on with your bad self and buy a boat…..and then invite me for Sunday Funday lol

Photography by: Viktoriya Chuprov

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