Designer vs. Dupe: Is It Worth It?


Hey Hey! I’m all about saving up and splurging on a good designer bag or a really nice (expensive) pair of shoes, but, my problem?! I WANT ALL OF IT! I was browsing online the other day and some items started to catch my eye and then I realized…. these items look A LOT like designer pieces and they’re still really good quality! Sure, it doesn’t have the “label” on it, but while you save up for the real deal…why don’t you try out a dupe! Below, I’ve listed 7 pieces that are exact replicas of trendy designer items! It’s easy for me to justify buying designer items if they’re classic and I know they’ll continue to stay in style for YEARS, but some of the “trendier” items, I really don’t think I can drop all of that $$$ right off of the bat. I love that these dupes below are still a teeny bit different and aren’t trying to slap fake logos on it, they’re simply dupes. Target does a great job with this in their shoe and bag departments! THIS bag and THIS bag are so unbelievably close to their designer look a likes! You can click directly on the images or just scroll to the bottom to shop!!

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