I Hosted an Influencer Event at The St. Johns Town Center!

Hey Hey! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I had 2 baby showers to attend and then we went to the Chris Stapleton concert Saturday night and omg he is SOOO good! I really enjoyed disconnecting a little and taking some time off of social media this weekend, but it’s Monday and I’m back at it!

Today, I wanted to share a little glimpse into the St. Johns Town Center Influencer event I hosted a couple weeks ago! About 30 or so bloggers were invited to attend this private event at the Town Center and it was amazing! We had a multi-course dinner from The Capital Grille, networked with retailers, chatted it up and took plenty of selfies with other influencers and I was able to talk Fall and Winter trends during a little fashion show! It was the coolest experience ever and I’m SO grateful I was asked to host. This right here is one of the amazing highlights of my job! I love being able to do and speak at events like this! So without further ado, I’m breaking down the event piece by piece below so you can see what it was like!


I wore this fabulous neoprene statement sleeve dress THAT IS CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR UNDER $100!! I’m so mad! haha The dress is definitely worth its full price ticket, but darn, I wish I could have saved some pennies! This dress is a tight one, but it was pretty comfortable due to the stretchy material! I really loved the length because it was longer so I didn’t have to worry about constantly pulling my dress down. I paired this dress with a statement Gucci bag and (the most comfortable) gold block heels (under $100!) I think this dress would make for a great holiday party or wedding guest dress as well! It comes in a red which is so Christmasy and that one is on sale too.



Every last detail was planned so perfectly for this event! The actual event took place in the middle of the road at the Town Center- Local girls that know the area, it took place in between Tory Burch and Lush, right across from Nordstrom. It was SO cool- the St. Johns Town Center put up a huge white tent, and filled it with lights and plush seating and a bar covered in ivy, the actual table settings looked like we were at a wedding! There was a band playing while we networked and mingled. It was legit.


There were 4 different retailers at this event and each set up their own “show room” in the tent. Apple, Brooks Brothers, Omega and Dillards. Each retailer brought their new Fall arrivals and products and everything was so hands on, we were able to browse through the clothing and play with the new Apple products too!


Apple’s set up was so beautiful and chic and we were able to play with the new LuMee cases too!

Brooks Brothers

Loved all of the Brooks Brothers  clothes and shoes! The managers there were so sweet too!


You know I love me some Dillards! You can find anything for any occasion there! and their new fall line is amazing!!


All I’ve got to say is, Omega brought a nice little team of people to this event, including one of their top Regional guys and they were all SOOOO NICEEEE! They were the ones popping into our conversations introducing themselves and networking and mingling, they were extremely professional and so so kind! People like that makes me want to shop at their store for that reason alone!


Highlight of the night! While I was SO stinking nervous to speak at the beginning, after I opened my mouth and started talking I was good to go! haha! I talked all about Fall and Winter trends we’ve been seeing on the runway and how to incorporate them into everyday life! Models were walking around in outfits provided by the retailers and each sported a trend that I was talking about! I was able to pick the trends to speak on and pick out the outfits and style the models which was soo cool! When your job is 90% ONLINE, it’s so awesome to be able to do something HANDS ON and in my hometown! A few of the trends that were my favorite and stand outs were: Plaid, Neutrals, Embellished shoes, handbags and clothing, and different ways to style a scarf or neckerchief!

My FAVE work outfit from Brooks Brothers!


Oh my lawwwd the food! Not Pictured: the amazing potatoes and veggies that were in the middle of the table to serve family style! The food from The Capital Grille was TOO DIE FOR. like so good. The presentation was great and the chef came out before each course and told us a little bit about each course we were about to eat! If you scroll a little bit and see the picture of the desert…. the capital grile logo was CHOCOLATE! I had no idea until I saw someones snap later!


MY MAINS!! (we missed you Kristin!)

Dani is in red and Tanner in black!

Babes who Hustle in the house!

I was SO excited to finally meet Thamarr of Musings of a Curvy Lady!

The funniest, nicest, always down to party girls I know! Both Sasha and Steph are the definition of Life of the party!

Lindsey from Simon Malls!

Thank you all SO SO much for reading if you made it this far! To all of the influencers who attended, thank you for coming and to Simon Malls and the St. Johns Town Center, thank you for asking me to host!
If you want to see more photos, head on over to my Facebook page to see the FULL photo album from the event!

All Photography by: Viktoriya Chuprov


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