Wellness Wednesday: Workout, Sudio Sweden, Monthly Goals

Good Morning! Oh my goodness how is it November? I feel like the past few months have flown by and I’ve just been going through the motions, watching them pass SO with the holidays literally knocking at our door I’ve decided to make November COUNT! I’m getting my priorities straight and sticking to them for the next 30 days and hopefully even after that! I love getting personal with you all so why not share what those priorities are and hopefully you guys can keep me accountable!

Family and Faith:

I’m going to try really hard this next month to be a little more proactive and organized in work so I can “turn off” that side of my brain at the end of the day and be more present with family and faith. Basically, with what I do full time: this blog, I work from home and it’s really hard to tear myself away from work mode at the end of the day and it’s actually the same in the morning. I wake up and immediately open my computer and start answering emails and working on my blog post. I want to be more organized so I can enjoy 30 min of my devotional and a cup of coffee without having to worry about getting my work day started.


I have been really bad about getting my water in lately, I used to drink 100 oz a day and I have been slacking big time, so definitely making this one a priority! I’m also going to *attempt* No Sugar November….if anyone wants to join, LET ME KNOW! I need support haha! I’m still allowing myself fruit and almond butter, but X-ing out all the bad stuff.


I’ve actually been pretty proud of myself on this one, I’ve been steadily going to Big Fish Yoga and Orangetheory Fitness every week around my “lunch time”. I’m a firm believer in cute workout clothes WILL motivate you to get your sweat on! I’ve been talking so much about THESE LEGGINGS, but they really are the best and won’t break the bank…no offense Lululemon. However, with the weather being so beautiful lately, I really want to make going on a little walk with Roscoe a priority. Fresh air does the body good AND these new headphones from Sudio Sweden will make doing that SO much easier! They are wireless bluetooth headphones and are really comfortable and stay in too! I love that they are wireless because Roscoe always gets in the way of my cord and gets tangled up and its always a BIG MESS! Anyone else feel me on this on?! (ps use code HELLOALLEY for 15% off!)

Giving Back:

The month of November revolves around Thanksgiving and giving back. Everyday I remind myself how blessed I am to be able to run Hello Alley full time. I often get down on myself, that I’m not good enough or that things need to get bigger and better, but at the end of the day, I remind myself why I started and where I started. The whole point of Hello Alley is a place for you all to come for outfit advice and ideas, beauty and skin care recommendations, lifestyle chats or some fun recipes here and there. All I want is a fun place on the internet where you can tune in on your lunch break to “get away” for a few minutes. I love meeting you in person, bumping into you at Homegoods, all of the DMs, emails and comments letting me know YOUR recommendations or if you agree with something I had said the day before. I wish I could meet all of you in person, I’m so grateful this is my JOB! However, sometimes I feel like being an influencer or style blogger etc… can get kind of materialistic, just being honest and I’ve been thinking about it for the last week, how can I give back and help others? So for the month of November, I’m donating 10% of every sale from my blog, Instagram and (liketoknow.it)  to Espwa Ministries. I wanted to donate to a charity that was near and dear to my personal life. Not only is the founder, Kory, one of my close friends, but I grew up going to Haiti on mission trips with him and my dad even helped build the orphanage where we would go right outside of Port au Prince! Check out their website HERE and Instagram HERE 

If I’m being totally blunt with you guys, November is usually a decent month for me on my affiliate commissions with the Holidays and Black Friday coming so soon (If you didn’t know already, if you purchase something off of my blog or my liketoknow.it I make a small commission off of that sale, that’s how I’m able to make this a paying job) I really wanted to give back to the community and even though Haiti is obviously not in this community, the ministry and founders are a part of this area.

Whew, that was a long one! If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around! Hope you guys have a fantastic NOVEMBER 1!!

(Outfit details at the bottom)


Leggings | Shoes | Similar Sports Bra (Mine is VS and not online) | Pullover | Sunnies | Earbuds

Photography by: Viktoriya Chuprov

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