Christmas Cocktail Recipe + New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! We got into Asheville, NC yesterday evening and have been having so much fun already!! Can’t believe how quickly this holiday season has come! Today, I wanted to share 2 things with you: my favorite holiday cocktail and this amazing jumpsuit that would be perfect for NYE!!!

This cocktail is a friends and family favorite. We don’t even have a name for it, we just know it as “The Cocktail” haha! My girlfriend, Shelby and I annoy every bartender when we’re out together because we love this drink so much! So here’s the recipe:


2 shots of vodka

1 shot of elderflower or St. Germain

Fill the rest of the glass up with champagne

Top with cranberries or pomagranate /cranberry juice if you like it sweeter.

It’s so so so yummy and makes for pretty pictures too!


Moving onto this amazing jumpsuit, I wore THIS JUMPSUIT to my husbands Christmas party last weekend, but I’ve gotten so many questions about it when I wore it, I wanted to share all of the details! It would look amazing for NYE, a wedding guest outfit, bride-to- be rehearsal outfit, you name it, you really can’t go wrong with a classic gold jumpsuit that looks flattering on really any body type! I paired it with THESE gold shoes and some fun earrings!! You babes will have to let me know if you end up wearing this for NYE!! Happy Saturday loves!

Photography by Viktoriya Chuprov


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