The Christmas Scarf + OTK Boots on Sale

OMG OMG CHRISTMAS IS DAYS AWAY!!! Y’all I’m stressing justtttt a wee bit, we still have to pack everything up, wrap presents, go to the grocery store and we leave tomorrow morning! I’m so excited though! As weird as it sounds, I’m excited to wake up Christmas morning in the same house as my parents and brother again! Justin and I haven’t done that for 4 years now! Crazy! I’m excited to act like a kid again haha Seriously you guys…..STAY TUNED IN on IG stories because it’s about to go down on the fab five christmas adventures lol

Anyway, THIS SCARF is the ultimate Christmas scarf…I wear it around the holidays every year. I actually love this entire outfit for Christmas day! (if you leave the house and aren’t wearing PJs all day lol) I think it’s the perfect combination of put together and cute, but it’s not overly fancy! Y’all know I LOVEEEE this tunic, but these boots should TOTALLY be on your Christmas list and they are on sale!! I actually think they can still be shipped by Christmas Eve!

ok, wish I could chat more with ya, but I’ve got SOOO much to do… including finishing the edit on a holiday makeup tutorial!! Outfit deets at the bottom!



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