Workwear Wednesday | Valentine’s Day Edition

Hi All! I’ve been getting quite a few requests on Instagram for some more “work wear” ideas! Since I left my office job at the school board I’ve totally forgotten to keep up with office wear here on the blog! Since I work full time on my blog from home I’m either in workout wear, jeans and a tee, or dressed up really fancy/trendy for a fashion event! I really want to start incorporating more workwear so this is the first of many! The older I get, I’ve really been falling in love with Loft’s  clothes just in general but most definitely for workwear! Their clothing is decently priced, but they always have sales too! I bought this top and skirt 50% off, unfortunately they aren’t on sale right now, but keep your eye out because I know they will go on sale again! I really love the color and style of this shirt, it looks good with this skirt but would also look GREAT with a pair of slacks. This skirt too, I love love fun prints in business wear and this skirt would be SO adorable for Valentine’s Day!


Thanks for popping by today!

Photography by: Viktoriya Chuprov

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