My Lash Extension Experience & Results from LASH

(pictured above: Tammy, the “governor of gorgeous” and owner of Lash!

Hey Babes! I’m sure you all have been hearing about me talk about the new Lash studio in Jax Beach! I’ve gotten my eyelash extensions and a fill now from Lash and omg I’m sooo so obsessed! I used to get extensions a couple of years ago, but stopped because they were falling out so easily and weren’t very voluminous- just long. When I did get them the first time and had that experience, it was right when extensions were becoming popular, but now, probably 4 years later the types of extensions, glue and process of putting them on has changed. My lash extensions have #1: stayed on wayy longer than they ever have and #2 are SO voluminous. I get the classic set, but my lash artist, Micayla makes them look thick like the volume set! Keep scrolling through this post to read more about exactly what extensions are, pricing, and the process!

This is Micayla! She does my lashes every time!

(these marble walls though)

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are “semi permanent” lashes that are individually glued to each of your own eyelashes. While extensions will last you in total fullness for roughly 2-3 weeks (depending on how you take care of them) they are not like the strip lash extensions that only stay on for one night with a strip of glue. It is recommended to get a fill every 2-3 weeks to remain 100% full, but if you stretched it to 1 month, they would just naturally start to fall off as the glue naturally dissolved from your own lashes.  Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

My opinions on why I love getting them? It cuts down my makeup routine, I don’t have to wear mascara, but still have insanely long, full lashes. I LOVE having them when I go to the beach, workout, or anything outdoors where I wouldn’t want to have my mascara smear, but still look put together- this is where extensions come into play!

The Process:

Micayla individually attached each lash to my lash (pictured above) The initial process of getting a full set depends on your lash artist and your own lashes. It’s roughly 2 hours, give or take. My process was about 2.5 hours long because I do have naturally long and full lashes, Micayla was able to attach a TON of extensions (which was awesomeee!) So again, it depends on your artist and what they think is a good amount to give you based on your natural lashes.

A fill (probably every 2.5 weeks) will take about an hour max. Depends on how many you lost and need filled, etc…

The Results

I mean cmonnnnn, who doesn’t want extensions!? I never have to deal with pesky strip lashes and nasty glue again! I love having my lashes already done for everyday when I don’t want to wear makeup at all, photoshoots and when I get super dressed up, my lashes are automatically glam!

I had quite a few of you asking about how it works with sensitive eyes, irritation etc… OKAY I feel like I’m the one to answer this because I have to carry eyedrops with me everywhere I go and ESPECIALLY when I wear strip lashes- the strip lash glue irritates my eyes so badly they get blood shot. I’ve honestly had ZERO problems with extensions! They are attached to the lash NOT the lash line so there’s no irritation there. I will say while Micayla is applying the lashes, if I open my eyes before she dries them with a fan, they do burn a bit, but you’re not even supposed to open your eyes so you’ll be good.

The after care is key I’ve learned!! I brush them with a spoolie every morning and night to keep them from tangling up on each other and I use the little cleaner they gave me for my first appointment which is actually baking soda and water. ( Lash will give you a cleaning kit at your first appt.) I try not to overly drench/soak them. When I wash my face I’ll use a wash cloth and if they do get soaked (pool/beach/shower) I’ll comb them out after they’ve dried. I never use waterproof eyeliner and take a little micellar water and a q-tip to take off my eye makeup at night. I know this seems like a lot of up keep but, It keeps your lashes longer and fuller for an extended amount of time so it’s worth it to me.


I know a lot of ladies say it’s too expensive, I get it, it is pricey but you’re saving money on mascara, strip lashes, glue and TIME!!!! Y’all I can’t put a dollar sign on saving my own time. It’s so worth it for me. Also, Lash has a Club Membership that I’ll get into that is such a great deal. Oh and I have a coupon code for ya too! Even though Lash does other services like microblading, waxing, facials etc…let’s take a look at

Lash Pricing:

  • A classic set of lashes (which is what I have) is: $235
  • 1 hr fill is: $65 and a 30 min fill is: $40


  • A classic set of lashes: $150
  • $99 auto pay for 2 lash fills a month (put’s it at $50 rather than $65)

Best of all? USE CODE AUBREY25 OR tell them I sent you for 25% off of any service at LASH!!!!

PS: Lash sells amazing products like Image Skincare and Indie Lee as well as fun accessories right in their store!!

Hope you all loved this post and I was able to answer questions! If you have other questions I didn’t answer, feel free to leave it in the comments below!! Click HERE to book your appointment and tell Tammy I sent you to get your discount!! Can’t wait to see your lashes and/or eyebrows and skin! Lash is AMAZING and every employee there is so sweet and professional and they’ll always greet you with a glass of champagne! WOO!

Oh! and the link to my dress is HERE since I know y’all will probably ask 🙂 

Photography by: Viktoriya Chuprov

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