My Top 5 Places to Caffeinate, Instagram and Get Work Done

Hey Hey and Happy Monday! Today, I want to share some of my favorite places to caffeinate, snack on a yummy treat and get some work done! Since my permanent office is based out of my house, some days I just neeeed to get out of the house and have a little human interaction. Anyone else who works from home can agree with me on that one! I live out at the beaches, so I typically stick to that general area- I know there’s some AMAZING coffee houses in downtown Jax so I’m not saying these 5 places listed below are THE best, I’m just sharing my top 5 five favorites I typically go to- that all happen to be closer to the beach. Let’s get started shall we? (ps my outfit details are linked at the bottom of this post)

My Top 5 Favorite Coffee Stops

1.The Mini Bar

2. Southern Grounds & Co

3. Ebar at the Town Center

4. DOS Coffee and Wine

5. Bold Bean

Details on each coffee shop listed below!


The Mini Bar | Location: Jax Beach

Ohhhh The Mini Bar. If you’re not from around this area, let me fill you in. This new donut shop/coffee joint is the new craze in Jacksonville Beach! Not only is the interior decor freaking AMAZING, (pictured in today’s post) but these donuts are unreal and sooo instagrammable! They’re mini first of all and there are a million gourmet flavors to choose from! They obviously have any coffee drink you can think of and it’s such a fun and creative place to knock some emails out and get work done!

Southern Grounds & CO | Location: Neptune Beach

Southern Grounds is my JAM during the summer time and honestly any other time of the year too, but it’s located in Neptune/Atlantic Beach and it’s directly across the street from the ocean so the whole coffee shop has such a laid back beachy vibe about it and I’ve been known to stay there literally ALL day. Working from this shop automatically puts you in a good mood! There’s lots of boutiques and lunch spots right around it’s location if you need a little lunch break, although I will say, Southern Grounds does serve breakfast, lunch and dessert and it’s SO. GOOD.

EBar | Location: St. Johns Towncenter 

Yall probably always see my snaps hanging around the Ebar right by Nordstrom multiple times a week! Kind of funny that this is the farthest coffee shop from my house, but most likely the one I frequent most! I usually have meetings with brands at the Ebar because it seems to be the quietest. It’s not boring or anything, the decor is very chic and it’s owned by Nordstrom so you can always find their fashionable employees grabbing a little coffee to go, but everyone who frequents the Ebar especially in the morning seem to have business on their mind so it is a great place to really get a ton of work done and focus, while some of the other coffee shops mentioned are more of a “social scene”.  It really depends on what mood I’m in, who I’m meeting with that day and how much I need to get done!

DOS Coffee and Wine | Location: St. Augustine 

DOS has got to be the “coolest/ hipster-ish”  coffee shop in this mix. Located in St. Augustine (but not in the chaos of downtown) I’d say this is a local gem for sure. The decor is so laid back, there’s tables to work at, high tops to catch up with a friend and some couches to lounge on if you’re feeling like you need to get comfy. They have the coolest drip coffee situation, It looks like it’s dripping from the ceiling and into those science beakers we used to use in Chemistry Class. Best of all? This place turns into a fun Happy Hour spot around 5 pm so, if you’re done with coffee and work for the day, they’ve got some awesome wines you can wind down with after a full day of work.

Bold Bean |Location: South Jax Beach (also located in San Marco and Jacksonville) 

While The Mini Bar is probably the most popular at the moment- mainly because it is the newest, it has awesome donuts and a sweet donut wall in the courtyard, I feel like Bold Bean is still the OG when it comes to THE coffee shop to meet up at in the beaches area! The decor in Bold Bean is a really chic coastal vibe- it’s bright and white and the coffee is SO good! I will say it’s a little hard to find a seat to work at in this Bold Bean but if you can find a seat, you’ll be there all day. The whole wall is lined with windows and it’s so bright and gives you the good mood feels! If you can get there early, this is a really cool spot to take an IG if you want some “coffee chic” content.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I love putting together posts like this! It’s fun to refer back to for recommendations etc… I’m laughing right now because as I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a STARBUCKS across the street from my house because we were having wifi issues at our house and I didn’t feel like dealing with it. SO….I guess you could say #6 on the list would be Good Ol Starbs and that’s usually when I really need to get stuff DONE.  Hope you all have a great rest of your week, I’ve got some fun content lined up for this week! Scroll to the bottom for all of my outfit details especially these jeans yall are asking about…they’re the BEST! 

Denim: Express | Tank: Nordstrom | Cardigan: Nordstrom | Purse: Tory Burch (similar less expensive here) Wedges: Olds: similar

Photography by: Viktoriya Chuprov


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