Style Guide: What To Wear To THE PLAYERS This Year

Hey Friends! It’s the best time of the year! THE PLAYERS in Ponte Vedra Beach is in ‘full swing’! I have been going since high school and it’s seriously my absolute favorite! It’s always the first week where it actually feels like summer which is not helpful when trying to look your best too. (cue the style guide)  I’m super excited to go this year, but also kind of nervous hanging out in 90+ degrees all day being 5 months pregnant! Eeek! Any mommas have any tips for being preggo in high heat?!?  (side note for all you mamas out there: This year, THE PLAYERS has a room just for moms and kiddos! Private restrooms, changing stations, nursing rooms etc! THE PLAYERS wants the fan experience to be above and beyond every year and this is just another way they are implementing that!)

Today, I want to share some outfit ideas if you have never been before or if you just need a little style inspo for this year! I think a golf polo and skirt/ shorts is superrr cute, but I’m also such a fashion freak that I look forward to putting something cute together for the tournament and love seeing what everyone else is wearing that year too! I did want to leave a few style tips if you haven’t been before!

Style Tips

  1. Wear comfortable shoes! You don’t have to wear sneakers, but wear a pair of sandals that won’t be rubbing against your heels because you’ll be doing a lot of walking! Wedges are okay if you know you’ll be staying placed for an extended about of time, but make sure they’re comfy! (sometimes it’ll straight down pour around 3pm and then clear up so make sure what you’re wearing you’ll be able to sprint to cover haha! #honestexperience ) I really love THESE WEDGED SANDALS they’re the perfect combo between cute and casual.
  2. Bring sunglasses! and if you love wearing hats…. wear a hat!! It’s sunny and hot! 
  3. If you have to bring a purse, bring a really small crossbody or one of those clear totes! 
  4. It is SOO HOTTT so make sure you wear something you’ll be comfortable sweating in, strapless, tank tops etc something that won’t be sticky or rub against your skin like jean shorts… if you wear sticky boobs… be prepared for them to sweat off! Not trying to be a Debbie downer, just want to give tips from things I’ve experienced! That dress I’m wearing in the picture above ^ my sticky boobs are 100% stuffed in that crossbody bag! hahaha! 

Okay! Moving on, I don’t know if I’ll be able to link every outfit option I have listed below, but hopefully these #OOTD’s will serve as a little inspiration for THE PLAYERS this week!


I probably will not be wearing a 2 piece co-ord set this year to the tournament (although this first outfit was taken just last week.. preggo in a croptop lol) I do LOVE 2 piece sets for gold tournaments! I think they’re so preppy yet trendy at the same time and they’re often very cool and airy to wear throughout the day! Your belly can breathe!


I love a good maxi dress for THE PLAYERS! They’re great for sitting on the lawn, you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions and they’re just comfy! You can wear ANY shoes you want because they won’t be seen and often you can find a maxi with a low back which is great for the heat!


You can never go wrong with a romper! There are so many cute ones out right now and they’re all so summery and preppy! So perfect for a golf tournament! Pair it with a big panama hat and you’ll instantly be comfy, practical and stylish!


A classic Lilly Pulitzer dress is ALWAYS the way to go when in doubt. You’ll look very polished, fashion forward, yet still practical for walking around the grounds! I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing one myself to THE PLAYERS this year!

Hope you all enjoyed this style guide!!

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