Hosting Fourth of July + 3 YUMMY (easy) Recipes!

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Hey Friends! Fourth of July is TOMORROW! Like where the heck is time going!?  Anyway, I wanted to post a little throw back post (I’ve edited it with some new info and ideas if you read this post a couple of years ago) But I will fully admit I’ve just been too tired and lazy to take some new pics for this years 4th of July post (um hello baby!) but I still wanted to get something up about hosting because the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays I literally LOVE it! If you’re anything like me, I love having people over especially when it’s a “theme” or holiday! I love being able to transform our little space into something fun and festive! We are still doing some work on our new house and still slowly unpacking so these pictures below are from our old house fyi! This year, we are celebrating at my parents house who live at the beach! Weather permitting we’ll hang at the beach all day, come back to the house to grill out and then walk to the bridge to watch the fireworks!! Even though I have yet to host a fourth of July at my house, I did want to share the set up  we did on my own porch a few years ago just to give you a little inspo if you’re in a rut, but having friends and family over for the holiday! When I put this together a couple years ago, I went through all of my cabinets and mostly worked with what I already had, but I remember I definitely picked up a few things up from  the Target dollar section and nothing was over $10 so…. super doable and very affordable, yet I thought it came out cute! Keep on reading below for a few tips I have for throwing a fun get together!
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(Make sure ALL of your guests are comfortable and have a drink in hand 🙂 )

My mom is one of the best hostess’ I know- every party she throws everything always seems to go seamless and everyone there is nothing short of happy. I’ve definitely tried to take some of the lessons my mom has taught me over the years and apply them to my adult life when entertaining family and friends. Always offer your guests a beverage when they arrive- they will feel much more comfortable with a drink in hand, always be the very last to eat- make sure everyone has enough food or needs anything before serving yourself (we go by the FHB rule if we’re running low on food: “Family Hold Back” LOL ), and keep the flow going all night long. You are the one in control of making sure everyone is having a wonderful time, keep the conversation moving, the music playing, and keep tabs on your guests to see if they need another drink. If you portray this role well, you will definitely be the hostess with the mostess! Untitled-3

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Ahh the food! Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays for the sake of the good bbq food! We always have a shrimp boil at the beach for the 4th, my dad steams shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage etc and dumps it right onto the table when it’s done cooking (soo good!) However, I am such a hamburger/hotdog girl. I love a classic cookout and I love a good burger 🙂 Some of the items above we’re so easy to make- I sliced bananas and strawberries and stuck them through a few skewers along with a few blueberries to make an American flag! Literally so easy! I really wanted some American themed cupcakes, however they were sold out by the time I got there so, I just bought some plain cupcakes and sprinkled some red white and blue sprinkles! Again, incredibly quick and easy! P.S. don’t forget the watermelon! I saw a recipe the other day where you drizzle dark chocolate and sprinkle sea salt onto watermelon slices…yeah, might have to try that…  On the other hand, see below for my moms famous July 4th Fruit Fluff recipe! She makes it every year and it’s to die for…. I’m making it this year so I’ll try and capture it on Instastory later today! Fruit Fluff Recipe HelloAlley

This is another recipe I LOVE to make each year as well! (Will share how I make it on IG stories today too! Although it is SO easy!! ) 


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I love a good flavored water BUT this morning on The Today Show…they shared the YUMMIEST flavored water bar recipes! I am totally going to make the watermelon, cucumber & lime water for tomorrow!!

 I’ll link the full 4 recipes right here!! Just Click this hyperlink!

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Decorations set the scene! You want your friends and family to walk in and feel like they are celebrating somewhere special- My mom and I were laughing yesterday- She and my dad are hosting Fourth of July this year and she facetimed me earlier this week to show me her decorations. Ok let me set the scene…they have the ULTIMATE Key West style beach house! I’m talking their house is blue and their shakers are a lime green soooo my mom (whos freakin fabulous at decorating) was cringing at how badly the American Flag decor clashed with the house colors hahaha!

Thanks so much for checking this post out today and I hope it gave you a little inspiration if you were in need of it! I know I like looking at how others lay things out when I’m lacking creativity and I go from there to make it my own, so if this was able to help you in any way then I am happy! Hope everyone has something fun planned for the Fourth!

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