How To: Wear a Romper While Pregnant + The Most Versatile Tote under $200

So let’s talk rompers. Rompers can be tricky to wear in general- much less pregnant. It’s hard to find one that hits your waist at the right height, length is often an issue, where the neckline hits… one miss and a romper goes from being cute to being a FAIL. THIS romper I’ve styled today is from Target’s maternity section- I was very hesitant to try it on for the reasons I just mentioned, but my mom insisted I at least give it a try and…she was right. It’s actually very flattering for a mamma to be and SOOOO comfy! The material is a cotton jersey so there’s a nice stretch to it, I love the neckline and the tie at the waist giving your bump some shape and I also really like that the shorts part of the romper are longer and a little more flowy so I don’t have to worry about anything riding up- especially with the bump! Here are a few tips I’ve found while shopping for rompers while preggo:

  • Make sure the waistline hits right above the bump or right below- there is NOTHING more unflattering than a romper (or dress) where the waistline cinches and cuts right across the bump. I’ve seen it before and its a definite fashion no no.
  • Look for solids or a subtle print. Wearing a romper is already a little “out there” for an expecting momma with a noticeable bump (say 2nd or 3rd trimester) so you don’t want to go for a crazy out there print either! Keep it classy and subtle
  • Length. This is one that sort of just depends on your build and how comfortable you are- honest moment: It’s summer, my legs are clearly bigger due to pregnancy and the chafe is SO REAL. I like to opt for a longer more flowy length when it comes to a romper. On the other hand, you may be blessed and not have this problem and can rock the shorties- go for it, but just know that a growing belly will naturally hike up the shorts when you walk and I honestly don’t want to have to worry about constantly pulling down.
  • Go for maternity wear when you can. I know some ladies like to be able to say: “Oh this isn’t maternity”- I was one of them in the beginning. My BEST bit of advice? Wearing the maternity styles when possible. It’s made to fit a bump and this will be your most flattering and comfortable option. I PROMISE.

Moving on to this tote…

THIS tote from Barrington Gifts has been my absolute FAVEEEEE the size is perfect- not too big, but big enough to fit everything I need. I use it for everyday style, as my work bag because it fits my ipad, laptop, chargers and even a big camera, I’ve used it to travel internationally as my personal carry-on and I know I’ll be using it occasionally as a diaper bag as well! THIS ORGANIZER has been a game changer while using this tote too- being only $16 it’s 100% worth it! Barrington Totes is awesome too because you can customize everything. The print, leather color, style of your monogram if monogram is desired- the list goes on! My tote is the oyster grey geometric print with the grey stripe and lighter leather! If you’re in search of a nice quality tote, but don’t want a plain brown leather one, or maybe don’t want to splurge on an expensive designer option yet, check out Barrington Tote’s options, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Full outfit details linked at the bottom!


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