GIRL GANG: Bloggers I Think You’ll Love To Follow

Hey Friends! In the season of goal setting and achieving and lifting up other girl bosses doing the same thing, I wanted to share some of my fave bloggers to follow who I know you’ll enjoy following as well! Keep reading below to see who my faves are at the moment!

Trendy Street Style

  • Thalita Ferraz : Absolutely love her sense of street style. She’s super trendy and knows how to style her wardrobe with ease. She always looks like she just stepped off the runway and gives us amazing inspo for trying out new trends. Check out Thalita’s blog right here: Hello Thalita
  • Olivia Rink: This girl’s feed is amazing. Her pictures are art and I love to see what picture she posts next and her trendy style is to die for! Follow her for where to wine, dine and hang out in NYC and Chicago! Check out her blog here:
  • Sazan was one of the first bloggers I started following way back when. She has amazing California style, always keeping up with the trends in the beauty and fashion industry and her family is freaking awesome. Justin and I wish we were neighbors with her and her husband, Stevie! Check out her blog:

Everyday & Affordable Fashion

  • A fellow local, Danielle of Shopdandy, is your go- to girl for affordable, everyday fashion. My amazon deliveries are because of this girl. She finds the cutest stuff for any occasion! Read her blog here:
  • Natalie has the cutest, relatable fashion. She always finds the best deals and has lots of try-on hauls on her instastory. Check out her blog here:

Lifestyle (Fashion, Life, New Moms!)

  • Madi is my freaking favorite! We’ll talk via dm from time to time about our boys. She is hands down the kindest, most genuine girlfriend out there! Follow her to add a little sunshine to your day, everyday. Blog:
  • Mallory is another down to earth blogger who shares everything about her life. She has an awesome youtube channel, is so positive and is SOOO hilarious! Her little family is the absolute cutest! Blog:

Petite Bloggers

  • Yall know my girl Kristin, I’m not sure her exact height, but she is for sure a little petite thang! I’m 5’6 so if I have any petite bloggers who follow me, I’d suggest giving her a follow to see how things would fit you. (where OTK boots fit, where dresses and skirts fall, etc) Blog: For The Love of Coffey
  • Chelsea is another petite blogger I love to follow and I think y’all will too! I want to say she’s from Alabama (she travels alot!) But she’s always finding very relatable affordable fashion with a trendy twist. Also… y’all need to peep her instastories from time to time…girlfriend has me laughing out loud sometimes. She is hilarious and I really want to meet her in person one day! Blog: LoweCo Petite

Makeup Inspiration (Tutorial Gurus)

  • Alex Garza has been one of the bloggers/ youtubers I have followed from the very beginning. I loveeee watching her tutorials. She’s taught me a lot about makeup over the years! She’s also a new mom and just launched a clothing line. She’s the definition of a boss babe. Check out her youtube channel here: Alex Garza

Tanner Mann: I met Tanner a couple years ago when she lived in FL (she lives in NC with her hubs and fur baby now) But guyssss…. she is the BOMB at makeup and has been killing her tutorials on youtube and IG. Definitely check her out if you want to know what products you should be trying out and well, how to do makeup. Her Youtube channel is linked here: Tanner Mann

Travel Inspo

  • Helen Owen: Ahhh I could stare at her feed all day. She travels to the most amazing places ever. Her photography is unreal and the settings are incredible. If you’re in need of a little day dreaming inspo head to her page. Blog: Helen Owen

Whitney from the blonde atlas: Her feed is sooo dreamy, her website is amazing and she always has great travel tips (and keeps it real) check out her blog here: Blonde Atlas

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  1. Tanner wrote:

    Such an awesome post!!!! Thank you for including me & sharing these amazing #bossbabes! I must follow them all!!! 💕💕💕💕

    Posted 1.12.19 Reply
  2. Yay, what a great post! I am always looking for great new gals to follow. I already follow a few of these ladies, but a bunch are new to me!

    Posted 1.16.19 Reply