My Fave (and softest!) PJ’s that won’t break the bank!

Gooooood Morning! Kind of a different post today, but I wanted to share my FAVE pjs with you! They do all happen to be the same brand- this is not sponsored (I’d die if it was…bc It’s all I wear!) But this brand happens to be from Target, SO affordable (I think everything linked below is under $20) and literally the softest material in the world. I look forward to putting on my pajamas every night and I happen to be sitting here typing this in a hoodie by that same brand. 

A few of the sets I linked below are nursing friendly as well, Mamas! THIS set happens to be one of the more expensive ones I linked below today, but it’s one of the most gorgeous nursing friendly sets I’ve seen and it’s sooo soft and for $25 it’s really not that bad compared to other maternity places!

I also just noticed that my slippers I bought myself for Christmas (LOL who saw that story on Insta?) happen to still be on major sale!! Those are linked below as well as the sleep shirt I’m wearing in the pic above (again, so freaking SOFT!)

Do you guys look forward to wearing cute PJ’s as much as I do? Or do I just have a slight problem haha! Either way, I’m sharing these with you because once you own a pair from this brand, you’re going to end up in the same boat as me 🙂

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  1. I love a good matching pj set!

    Posted 2.11.19 Reply