New Year, New Shoes

Hey Friends! Can you believe we are well into 2019!? This last year flew by so quickly! With the holidays (and holiday eating) behind us, I am so ready to establish a healthy lifestyle again! I’m finally cleared, 3 months post baby and ready to get back on my exercise grind! If you’re anything like me…one of the biggest ways I motivate myself to workout is cute workout gear and shoes! Maybe it’s just the fashionista in me, but give me a super cute (and comfortable) pair of athletic shoes and I will be ready to run out of the door!

I picked up these grey and rose gold New Balance sneakers from Famous Footwear at the end of the year, with the intention of getting back into the gym! They are hands down one of the more comfortable and lightweight pair of athletic shoes I own. When I run on the treadmill, it feels like I am running on clouds! I also LOVE the color. The grey color goes with almost all of my workout gear and you know I love anything with rose gold! The blush pink detail on these shoes gives the perfect amount of girlie flare needed for the gym! While l haven’t fully submerged my shoes in a puddle yet… I’ve worn them in the rainy weather we’ve been having lately and thanks to the neoprene fabric detail, they seem to dry really fast too.

So what is my new year’s fitness plan? I really want to get back into running now that my back is healed from pregnancy (sciatica is no joke!) my plan is to run at least 2 miles every day. Right now that’s looking around 30 min for me, but I want to get back to being able to run it in 15-18 min like I used to! I’m also going to start incorporating weights and body weight workouts again to re-build my muscle. I really like the BBG program, especially as a new mom. It’s a 28 minute workout, 3 times a week… and it works! Last time I was serious about this workout, I finished the program with a 6 pack. I can’t wait to get back into an active lifestyle and I’m so happy I picked up these amazing sneakers from Famous Footwear to get me started!

Thanks so much for popping by today! Whatever your New Year’s resolution is- be it fitness or not, I believe in you and know you can do it!! Ps click the widgets below to shop the rest of my outfit!

XO| Aubrey

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