2020 Nordstrom Sale Details + Wish List

Hey Hey! The sale of the year is almost here! In case you’re not sure what all the buzz about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is, keep reading below to see what you need to know, how to shop the sale and some other pointers I’ve figured out over the years. This year they’ve given preview access to the public so you can begin to create a wish list and have an idea of what you’d like to shop for! I’ll leave a link to the preview at the bottom of this post!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the biggest sales of the year! Nordstrom carries such an array of designers and price points already, so the anniversary sale is one where you can really invest in some timeless pieces you may have had your eye on over the last few months for a significantly discounted price! The sale primarily consists of all of Nordstrom’s new Fall inventory they’re launching. It’s great because we can shop for fall sweaters, boots coats etc…at a discounted price before they go up to full price in September. They usually do not go on sale again so if you have your eye on something, I suggest purchasing during this sale. All of the items start going on sale August 4th for cardholders and go up to the original price by August 19th- August 30th. Below is a full timeline of dates for the sale whether you’re a cardholder or not:


When can I Start Shopping?

THIS WEEK! Early access begins tomorrow if you are Icon Status and will go until August 30th . Access to the sale if you are not a cardholder begins August 19th and will continue on through the 30th. As a Nordstrom Card Holder  you get an entire WEEK to shop the sales before it’s open to the public as you automatically have Insider status if you were to signup for a card today. While I completely understand not everyone can/wants to open a store CC, I will say I highly suggest getting on if you are a frequent Nordstrom shopper because the early access as items will sell out very quickly and there are soo many good deals that will be happening.


I want Early Access! 

You can get a jumpstart on the sales by receiving early entry into the Nordstrom Sale by signing up for a Nordstrom credit card! I use my card at Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook as well! Having a Nordstrom card is the best thing in my opinion because you get early access AND Nordstrom Notes which is a $20 coupon to spend however you like- the more you spend, the more points you receive and the more notes will end up on your card. Who doesn’t like free $$$ However… if you sign up for a Nordstrom credit card today, you automatically get a $60 note and double points day to use towards the anniversary sale! Click Here to sign up in time for the sale!

How do I Shop and  What Should I Shop For? 

I recommend investing in some timeless pieces. This is the one time of the year you will be able to find high -end designer items for an incredibly discounted price. Think purses, a classic pair of heels, boots or flats, a piece of jewelry you’ve had your eye on. Another good option is to start looking at some Fall and Winter items. Coats will be on sale, boots, fall dresses, sweaters this is a great time to stock up and be ready for the upcoming season! If you are an expecting mama,  strollers, car seats and other big buys for baby are included in this sale for hundreds of $$ off!

I would start browsing a day or two early (aka NOW!) and make a list of what caught your eye or make a list of some items you think you may like to invest in like I said above (purses, shoes, coat) and then go onto Nordstrom.com and look for those items. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed when going into the Sale on Friday. Shopping should not be stressful, it should be fun!

What I have my eye on: 


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  1. Every year that I shop the Nordstrom Anni sale, I find so many amazing things! I usually walk away with a ton of shoes. Last year, my favorite finds had to be these platform Chuck sneakers and a trendy Champion sweatshirt like this Champion x Sesame Street cropped sweatshirt (right up my alley). I always find great staple pieces from Leith and, of course, some Good American jeans .

    Posted 9.10.20 Reply