30 things I learned in my 20’s

30 Things I Learned In My 20’s

1.You’re never going to feel like you have it all together (or feel like you’re “ready for kids” if you’re in that stage) so stop waiting for it to happen and just do what YOU want to do.

2. Be okay doing things alone- it can be scary at first, but it is THE biggest confidence booster and will help your relationship with yourself, but also in the professional world (networking, going after your dreams- you are your biggest cheerleader and yes, you can do it ‘alone’)

3. Be ok not always consuming alcohol. Or at least A LOT of alcohol. The hangovers, lack of productivity the next day and the health effects are just not worth it the older you get

4. You can’t make room for the good if you don’t get rid of the bad. REMOVE the toxic people and situations from your life. I PROMISE you, you will be so much happier and at peace. I promise.

5. It’s ok to not always be productive and have that “Boss Girl” mentality 24/7. While yes, you should focus on yourself, your career, your hobbies- don’t have blinders on to the wonderful things around you. Friends, family, that cute boy who asked you on a date. Make sure you are giving time to your mental health and taking off when you feel you need it.

6. Everyday life won’t get easier, but you will figure out how to deal with it better each day. You’ll learn what YOU need and how to process certain situations better each year.

7. Ask for and take the help.

8. Invest in quality over quantity. Purchase the quality products. If you buy something cheap because you’re “getting a deal” , just know you will most likely have to replace it in a few years. Yes, this does add up, but you end up buying something once rather than 2-3 times.


10. Have high standards- not a checklist that each potential date or friend HAS to check off every box. High standards will get you what you’re looking for- not expectations.

11. Drink your water every day.

12. Your job does NOT define you.

13. Invest in vitamins and take them everyday.

14. Do not let FOMO dictate your life and how you feel. Whatever it is will be over with and everyone will move on with their lives. Sometimes it IS more fun to stay in or do whatever else you’re doing instead of being amongst the crowd. Promise

15. Your happily ever after will come when you least expect it. Focus on YOU and the right person will fall into your life.

16. Eat the cake. Enjoy the celebrations.

17. Confidence is THE best trait- doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it’s HOW you’re wearing it.

18. If you can’t change a situation- change your attitude towards it. Positivity is powerful.

19. You can change career paths no matter your age, how long you’ve been at your job, or what you studied in higher education. Hate your job? Leave it and find something else. Not worth your mental sanity.

20. It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. May be an unpopular opinion, but I stand by this.

21. Where your SPF everyday.

22. You probably need to fail to succeed- may not be a HUGE life altering fail, but look at failures as learning experiences and you will come out on top.

23. Stop dieting and establish a healthy, attainable lifestyle. Get your steps in.

24. Stop trying to fit in with every single trend. They’ll change. Do YOU.

25. Call your mom. She will always know best.

26. Take a break from social media here and there.

27. Read a book.

28. Don’t drink cheap liquor or wine… trust me.

29. Enjoy the stage of life you’re currently in. When you’re feeling down- think back a year or 2 prior and see how far you’ve come.

30. Make good choices. Health related, social aspect, mental- all areas of your life: every choice you make today, you’re setting up your future self and I’m sure you want your future self to thank you.


I could honestly write 30 more, but may have to save that for my next birthday. Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday messages and texts. Truly don’t deserve each and every one of you! Thank YOU for allowing me to have this job and celebrate yet another birthday with you girls!






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