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If you follow along via Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed this little segment behind almost all of my photos captions: #liketkit

These links are generated through a program called and allow you to shop all of my outfits, accessories, home decor, etc that I have posted to Instagram from an email that will be sent straight to your inbox! It’s a genius way of answering the “where are your shoes from” question immediately without having to wait for a response!

If you haven’t already signed up at I will explain the steps below followed by a little video…

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There’s a chance you could be thinking “but I don’t need any more emails coming through my inbox!” I get it… I personally like to get the emails immediately after I like another blogger’s instagram picture because I want to know where they found that adorable pair of shoes right away. However, in the settings column you can change how frequently you receive such emails. Change it to weekly, daily or keep it at Asap

Here is a video for everyone who is a little more visual:

It is the easiest way to get your questions about my outfit or home decor answered immediately. 

Sometimes I am pulled into a meeting at my day job, have bad service, traveling with no wifi, you name it- it could happen. I always hate to leave others hanging and if you are genuinely interested in something I am wearing, what I am decorating my house with or the lipstick I decided to apply that day, you have EVERY right to know! By signing up with, you will have those answers almost instantaneously after ‘liking’ a photo! Side Note: Sometimes I will post an outfit wearing an older shirt, pair of jeans etc- I always try to do my best and link an almost identical article of clothing so you can still achieve a similar look- I tend to do this with expensive purses or shoes- I often find a less expensive dupe that I will link also! I am here to help, yall!

I hope that this helped explain the LTKit program a little more and that you all find this just as helpful (and fun!) as I do!

PS! You can click on my pictures at the bottom of my blog to shop or head to the SHOP MY FEED tab!

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